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Watching St.Louis and Arizona...... Panthers next two games

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Both of these teams are not very good,we saw what St.Louis looked like last week and Arizona looks anemic also today up against the Bucs. If we do not beat both these two teams (rather home or not), that will be a big letdown and probably the finish of any hope for a productive season...Minnesota won't be as easy as these two,Ponder or not and we always seem to crap the bed in the dome. These are games that HAVE to be wins and no excuses are acceptable, (as well as for the sanity and mental stability of the huddle). this next month coming up is due or die.....lets hope we have the cajones to do what needs to be done.

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For many years the Panthers have had a tendency to play down to the level of their competition.


How many times has this team either just eked out a win or lost to inferior talent?


The next few weeks will be a good indicator of how far this organization has progressed. 


We should be expecting nothing less than total domination of the opposition.



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No reason why we shouldn't beat both of these teams.

As we speak, the Mike Glennon lead Bucs are up 10-0 on Arizona in the fourth.

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