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Even with success is this d-lows last stand?

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micnificent28    583

So while all is merry in pantherland for now a storm looms. It's a fore gone conclusion that this season is where the buck stops for williams. With stewy on his way back is there any scenario where you can see him signing a new contract?

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SevenSixes    107

I shouldn't be amazed that not one week after DWill had the 4th best rushing yardage in the league and the huddle is still looking for a way to cut him.


But here I am, amazed.


In a vain attempt to kill this thread..


The appropriate time to worry about DWill's contract is February.

Yes, he's 30 and no team would trade for him.

JStew hasn't played a down this year for us, lets see if he can actually run after his surgery before you clamor for a release of your workhorse running back.

DWill reworked his contract for us, he's not the money pit you may believe he is, Besides it's WEEK 4 and the cap is what it is.


DeAngelo a great running back, possibly the best that this team has ever had.


Stop trying to throw him out the door after the first quarter of the season.


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