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Getting Defensive - Arizona Cardinals

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CRA    12,278

Who is saying we will beat down anyone. But you act as if they have a better defense than us and they don't. Total yards or even yards per play or yards per pass are really not important stats. The only things they shows is that their offense sucks so badly that the defense is on the field all the time and in poor positions so they give up points The only statistic that counts is points scored for and against. They are giving up almost 22 points a game while we are giving 12. So regardless of the total yards we are giving up10 points less than they are. That is the point, our offense will score more on their defense than their offense will score on us. Who gets more yards is never reflected in the score which is how the game is decided.

You said those impressive defensive numbers translated to us winning handily. Winning handily in the NFL IMO is a beatdown.....you don't loke the wording fine. There stats don't translate to our offense rolling to an easy win.....which you brought up

Those were your numbers that indicated a handily beating....now you are claiming they mean nothing and points is all that should be looked at when it was pointed out how good those numbers really were.

But I agree points matter, yards don't.

The fact there offense has been a joke actually means there D likely is even better than it is on paper.

And I said this will be a field position game.....who wins that will get the points. Neither team should be rolling offensively IMO.

We have a better offense. Which helped our D. Too early to claim we are better defensively.....AZ is talented and proven it on D

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CRA    12,278

Also, the Cardinals D while it has played very good......is getting back there best defensive player and a starting NT that was out.

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