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Short and sweet prelude to this weeks game by yahoo sports


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  1. 1. Do you agree this is a game that sets the tone of our season

    • yes
    • No
    • its the cardinals and not a proper gauge on how the season will be

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Or acquire the secondary talent so conservative playcalling works more often late in games....

That is RR biggest flaw. He is technically calling the right stuff late.....but he doesn't account for the fact he doesn't have the talent to make the "textbook" call




same could be said for a lot of things that we tried to do the past couple years.


the coaching staff has not had an accurate image of the talent on this team to support plans it's tried to carry out.


the offense has tried to run an scheme that relies on deep passing routes, which requires time to develop, which requires an OL that can provide the passer 4-5 seconds to sit and wait. the problem is that we haven't had an OL that could provide that.


any strategist worth his salt wouldn't just come up with a plan that works, but one that works with the observed and tested strengths of your team and within the recognized limitations of that team.


at the end of close games we haven't trusted enough in the demonstrated strength of cam and our backs to get one yard in 3rd and 4th downs. we have trusted too much in a weak secondary to hold back a quick and deep passing attack that apparently even a rookie QB in his second game can beat.


the smart manager would avoid situations that relies on a weak element to save the game and instead, take advantage of your greatest asset and talent.


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what i'm hoping is that the giants game set the tone already.


what i'm fearing is that the first two games was the real setting of the tone. 


one way or the other, i think the tone has been set already. all this week does is let us know what the tone is and what to expect.



Great point.

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Set the tone in what way? Establish we won't be utter failures like the past several years? Maybe. But, what this team needs to prove is that it can be a winning team and I believe that the game that sets us above .500 will tell us much more about how dedicated they are to winning and truley setting themselves apart from the last several years. I would believe from then on, we would be a very hard to beat, no one wants to go back to losing after doing it so long. That is my hope too, I guess.


set the tone by not taking the L to teams that should be in the bag!

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this team has to win big. that's the only way we've found to compensate for the coaching. keep it away from situations where rivera can manage to give away a lead in the fourth.

It's basically the formula for winning in Denver!

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Its basically the formula for winning in Denver!

elway made that team foxball-proof by bringing in peyton and handing him the reigns to the offense.

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