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Since some are turning on Cam I have 4 question for you.

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I even believe some of you don't even see Cam as human...Hmmmmm

I do.. I see him as an average joe... so benching him isn't out of the question then right? he aint superman..


and as for the rest of the team? offensively, the rbs and the o-line looks to be ok so far, the rest- they all look like they're just there to be there..... hard to tell when the QB is still processing information and taking sacks. when he does put the ball out there, recievers got to make the most amazing catches just to haul them in.. but I will.. I'll take note of it.. you do the same!

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QBs like Cam, RG III Wilson, Vick, Colin, Cutler, and others, are the QBs who either aren't considered "worthy" of being the media's "Chosen," so they are more scrutinized and the pressure to "not make mistakes" is ratcheted up to an unrealistic level, simply so they will either fail or burn out.


fwiw I don't think you can put RGIII, Wilson, and Cap in the same category as how Cam is being treated.  The first two especially have been hailed as simply amazing, great leaders, etc... supremely skilled blah blah.  As to Cap, I don't think we have enough of a sample size to say much about him yet.


The idea that the media crucified those dudes before the draft like they did Cam is also really not true at all IMO.

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Cam doesn't have the WR group that RG3, Luck, and Wilson has. He doesn't have the threat of the option that RG3 and Wilson have. Its there but the coaching staff doesn't utilize it enough in the play calling. He also doesn't have which may be the most important thing and that is a QB guru as a head coach or at least offensive minded coach who can work with and help fix his mechanics. 

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