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Panthers needs for the 2014 offseason...

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Our biggest problems definitely line within the offensive line. Assuming that Gross won't come back (I think this could very well be his last year in the NFL), we will have a need at LT, RG, and RT, and that's also assuming that Amini will come back 100% from his ACL tear (which a lot of guys can't/don't do).


Other than that, I think we have a need at WR. Even with LaFell's game today (which I believe is an anomaly), we need someone who is eventually going to replace Smitty as that #1 guy, as well as filling a hole at the #2 WR spot. A second TE would be nice, but a luxury at this point, with so many holes.


Then, the secondary needs some love. It's patchwork at this point, with undrafted guys, cast-offs, players that aren't producing, etc.


After that, I would start looking at maybe getting some young guys late to come in and be rotational to our two future stud DTs.


A back-up QB should be on the list, albeit a very, very low priority.


I would target the LT position as fast as possible. Getting someone like Matthews/Lewan would be amazing, but Antonio Richardson would also be awesome. (I'm not as high on Hurst as I am some of the other prospects at the LT, like Richardson). One of those guys will definitely be there when we pick, but it probably won't be Matthews (I suspect he goes Top 5.)


In the second, I would do my damndest to try and draft Jordan Matthews, the WR from Vanderbilt. The guy is a legitimate #1 receiver. No, he doesn't have the flashy highlights (like Lee or Watkins), but the dude is so damn good. It might require a trade up back into the 20s-30s of the 1st to get him, but it would be well worth it.


Later on, I would start trying to find a mauler for the RT position. Someone like Mewhort from Ohio State would be perfect. He's played with a large, mobile QB, he is massive (something like 6'4 / 315lbs) and has played solid competition (even though Khalil Mack made him his bitch, but he's done that to a ton of players).

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1st Round - Sammy Watkins (WR) Clemson

2nd Round - Kyle Fuller (CB) Virginia Tech


Needs addressed.


Then we can go get linemen.

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1. A good pass blocking LT (re-sign & move Gross to RT)

2. A #1 WR.

3. A big, fast and physical CB.


Definitely re-sign Mitchell and Ginn.

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Hogmolies do win games, but Cam desperately need somebody to throw to. I see us taking a couple of OL players as well but WR has to be the priority.

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Blackburn will be back. He signed a 2 year deal.


I really believe that this will be Gross' last year as a Panther.





(1) OL, OL, OL, OL, OL!!!!!!!!!!!! (LT/RT/RG)

(2) WR and CB!!!!!!!

(3) LB

(4) DE

(5) TE


Resigns: Ginn and Hardy



You can see how much impact the rookieDT are providing for the defense, we need to do the same for the Offense. Fix the O-line and everything gets easier for the skill players around them. 

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I agree we need to fix the OL, but we need other guys as well. WR is really bad right now, Lafell is hardly ever open, especially in man-to-man coverage, Smith can't do it all on his won and Ginn isn't an every-down guy.


1. WR

2. RG

3. WR

4. (including trading Lafell for some mid rounders) WR, CB, RT

6. QB, CB

7. OLB


It's just a matter of knowing who we take when.

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We might well resign Godfrey but put him on a smaller deal, having come back from an injury he may well be willing to take a pay cut. We could then start Lester and Mitchell until Godfrey returns to full health.

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