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David Gettleman Cleaning House

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you need a qb that can consistantly convert third downs. Guess where a qb has to be able to throw from on a vast majority of those throws. You will always need a pocket qb in this league, athelthism allows you to throw in more plays 1st and 2nd down.

Good point. Every time Cam has a bad 4th quarter folks get all WTF? on him. The kid has done nothing but amaze us for 2-1/4 years. His one glaring weakness, his pocket play, is not as bad as some folks would have you believe. It could use some polishing, but it is not what causes us victories.

I think he has proven he could take us anywhere we want to go. Just help the kid out a bit, and the sky is the imit. I am pleased as punch the kid plays for the Panthers.



This is the third year in a row we are sitting at 1-3.  Gettlemen is going to clean house and I am all for it.   He is going to piss some people off, especially here.  I think it is going to start when he refuses to re-sign Greg Hardy to a $12 million per season deal.

I can forgive the first two years do to learning and growing pains. However, this year is not going to play, that is painfully obvious. Too bad really, I liked Rivera. The players liked Rivera. He has a fine staff of teachers. His football team plays sound fundamental football on a fairly consistent basis. Yet he can't win a fuging game. WTF?

I hope the "Powers that be" can pick a coach who can instill a winning attitude. This team could go places. WTF?



It's always "next year" with the Panthers. Throwing away entire seasons as if it were no big deal.


Oh, and if by "cleaning house" you mean clearing it out and signing scrubs. We've seen that before.

You sound like the in-laws. Always taking the worst case scenario and running with it.

How about this. No one is "Throwing away" this season. If you see proof of that then bring it up. No One in this Org. is throwing out the season. Way too much pride involved.

2 ways to make the Panthers under Gettlemen. Be a vet that will play for fair market value. Or be an up and comer, playing on a bottom of the barrel type contract. We are going to be going through a poo ton of "Up and Comers" over the course of the season, and beyond.

Best case scenario 1. Shula finally figures out this whole OC thingy. We finish the season on a 11-1 run. And we enter the Playoffs as one of those teams you "Don't want to play".

Best case scenario 2. Our new coach next year will hit the ground running, and take the NFL by storm. Like what folks thought Kelly would do, not what he actually is doing.

My illusion has been dissed, and my giddy hath be gashed. Come on Shula, figure this thing out.

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