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Domestic Hate Group?

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We can debate the entire hate group label and how it gets applied and how right /wrong/indifferent we may be with it, but what needs to be emphasized here is the military has decided the AFA is a hate group and with this declaration they are obliged to notify their service members. This is nothing new and when I served from 1973-1993 we were briefed on several occasions regarding certain political activist groups (YAF, SDS, etc.) religious groups and other groups.


One must understand the military is not a democratic society and as a member of the military, while you are sworn to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States, you don't enjoy some of the same freedoms, particularly freedom of speech, as those you are protecting. For obvious reasons, the military classifies these groups and orders service members to not have any dealings, involvement, support for or demonstration against these groups.


Back in the 70's and into the early 80's it was fairly commonplace in the Navy when a ship went into overhaul in a government-contracted civilian shipyard that KKK symbols and swastikas began showing up spray painted at random places throughout the ship. While everyone knew it was done by the shipyard workers and it was done simply to raise tensions among the crew, we still had to address each and every occurrence.     


Local military bases identify those organizations within their immediate geographic area and issue the appropriate warnings and orders. The idea is pretty simple- if it was an organization advocating the annihilation of all red-heads, you just happened to be a red-head and you saw your immediate supervisor or commanding officer participating in their rallies, just how safe do you feel?


The quote, "Because it appears the Obama administration is separating the military from the American people – and planting seeds of doubt about Christians and some of our nation’s most prominent Christian ministries." is so completely out of line and inaccurate it's almost comical. The White House, regardless of which political party may be occupying the place, has nothing to do with these types of notifications. The military is separate from the American people. We are trained to simply protect and defend based upon the orders we are issued. I could not care any less about the religious affiliation, sexual orientation or political opinion of the guy serving/fighting/taking a bullet next to me nor do I care any of the same about the guy trying to kill me. All of that goes by the wayside the minute the poo hits the fan, because if you're not able to ignore it, you may hesitate and it'll cost you your life or one of your buddies. 


It was the during the Nixon Administration the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) was considered off-limits to the military, the Johnson Administration called out the Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) and it was again brought up during the Ford Administration. Hell, Westboro Baptist has had plans in the works to picket former President George H. W. Bush's (Bush 1) funeral for years, further demonstrating that political affiliations mean little to these groups. For Fix News to simply try to rearrange the story to fit their anti-Obama agenda is simply off-target and takes advantage of everyone and anyone who has no clue how the military operates, including the person who's byline appears on this story.


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I didn't post this...but I don't think the AFA is a hate group. 


If you honestly feel that the AFA is a hate group, then apply that standard in which you judge to other issues you disagree with that involve individual personal choices.  Consentual incestual relationships...or polygamous relationships. 


I think the issue here is the mischaracterization of the AFA by using the Fred Phelps picture to describe them.  Akin to the military speaking to how a black church organization is a hate group because of their feelings on gay marriage and showing pictures/videos of Minister King Shabazz.


I know you didn't - I edited my post actually (you even quoted the edited version), I caught it a sec after I posted it.  Sorry to confuse you with Stirs, I know you sometimes post provocative things to get people to talk, was not trying to call the OP out as much as get an idea of their stance.


This is NOT about disagreement, it's about pushing for and funding groups that are trying to legislate hate and discrimination.


As to your other two, I don't know of any groups currently funding efforts against polygamy or incestual relationships specifically, do you?

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The Pentagon has admitted that information used in an Army briefing that labeled the American Family Association (AFA) as a domestic hate group was not acquired from official sources and does not reflect Army doctrine.




Here comes foxnews

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What does "here comes fox news" mean?


Anyway, it looks like the Army has some activists within the ranks?  How does this happen?  Did not think freelance instructions were allowed?  Kinda like creative accounting.

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Fox News and the GOP should be labeled as hate groups too!




The GOP and their propaganda arm Fox "News" latest attempt to hold the majority of Americans hostage, just cost the US economy 24 Billion dollars.


The government shutdown has taken at least $24 billion out of the United States economy, the financial ratings agency Standard & Poor's said Wednesday.


The firm said the shutdown caused it to cut its forecast of gross domestic product growth in the fourth quarter by at least 0.6 percentage point. The agency lowered its estimate for GDP growth to close to 2 percent from 3 percent.


The estimate represents a staggering cost to the economy of a completely self-inflicted political catastrophe. Unlike the 2008 economic crisis and other past recessions, the government shutdown had nothing to do with larger economic trends. The numbers show Washington's brinksmanship caused real damage beyond furloughed government workers and the Washington, D.C., region. 






The energy of the Tea Party and the GOP though comes primarily from the most hateful and destructive people in that group.  So when you have a lynch mob leading the party that’s leading one half of our legislature, it shouldn’t be surprising that our country ends up with a rope pulled tightly around its neck. That’s the only way they know to “negotiate” on race, equality, progress, etc. They can’t argue based on facts because the facts dispute their positions. They can’t use majority rule because they are unpopular with the majority of Americans.



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