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My friend's theory on why we've passed on so many receivers

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He said that Jerry Richardson can't stand the diva-like attitudes that many WRs coming out of school have today. He also said that this is a problem because to be really great, you have to possess a certain amount of prima-donna-like qualities. I told him that was an interesting theory. Perhaps it's as good a reason as any amidst the head scratching.

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The fact Keyshawn Johnson was once on this team invalidates that theory.


Shockey kinda went against the grain when you think of the panthers, too. 


I don't think they've intentionally neglected a #2 wr....it's just been poor drafting and bad acquisitions. Dwayne Jarrett basically had to drink himself off the team. LaFell is developing but I honestly don't think he will ever be a true #2. 


I remember when we traded for Rod Gardner. Thanks for nothing, Rod. 

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We have drafted a number of receivers on this team.  We just haven't drafted them in the first round but usually look in the 3rd or later rounds.  I don't think JR cares about divas and lately has relented about character being the biggest issue.  Unless it was Newton who was supposed to be the face of the franchise, he hasn't really had too much input into the draft or free agency it would appear.  But once they are on the team he does seem to care quite a bit. 

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