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idiot rams fans from florida

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Which one of you Floridiots said Jeff Fisher teams do not play dirty?

-Cheap shots on Cam after handoffs


-Bitch slaps

-Stomping on the piles

fug you, fug fisher, fug the rams and fug every single brain damaged floridiot. stay home in the summer

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    • Ugh, after Thomas, the wheels really fall off.  Lattimore, Conley and Howard shouldn't be considered at #8. Those just reek of desperation considering Lattimore's hamstrings, Conley's inconsistencies and Howard's overhyped stock (Njoku will be the best TE out of this draft). McCaffery, do not want with Shula's mind and our lethargic asses unable to even pull off a simple screen.
    • 2 more days and the madness stops thank the Lord