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Cat Fanboy

So pissed off. Networks shouldnt do this.

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    • i always thought the unflinching support trump had from a wide swath of conspiracy theorists was one of the low-key weirdest things about this election.  even your "government has been infiltrated by reptoids" venom-type people backed him.

    • Hillary was a typical politician. No more no less. I was not a fan of hers.

      False equivelancy to compare her to Trump. He is an awful human being. Completely obvious to anyone with just an average sense of character judgement.
    • Sources Tell Us "Alabama recruited a shiny toy but (Lane) Kiffin never really knew what to do with it. I don't worry about the talent at all. He could be an all-pro. I just need to know if he loves football." -- NFC general manager NFL Comparison Julius Thomas Bottom Line Howard has struggled to live up to hype that has come with his play-making ability while at Alabama, but some scouts put the blame on the staff and scheme. He has elite athletic traits and raw talent, but must add polish to go along with those attributes. Should become substantially more productive as a pro, but the difference between "potential weapon" and "elite tight end" will likely be tied to his desire and overall football character. -Lance Zierlein