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My First Carolina Experience

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So as most of you know I traveled all the way from Washington State to Carolina for the first time IN MY LIFE this past week (Wednesday through Monday), and I figured I would share you my experience through pictures and words..If this is a tl:dr post for you, then just look at the picture then... :ss:



So let's begin with...



A long flight across the country (believe this is Mt.Hood which is in Oregon near Washington). 3 flights, From Seattle to Portland, from Portland to Detroit (god bless I made it out of there alive) and then to Charlotte. Saw a Bucs fan (Yes a Bucs fan) in a Revis jersey in the Portland airport. Couldn't help but laugh and almost feel sorry...

After hours of flying, I finally reached Charlotte. On our way to the hotel, the first thing I saw were the beautiful skyscrapers here in Charlotte. Duke Energy was lit green on this night, and it was awesome...


So while the first day (Wednesday) involved a bunch of flying and sitting, I finally got to go all over Charlotte on Thursday and experience Carolina. Note this was also my first time being on the East side of the states. Nebraska has been the furthest I've been East, and that's not saying much. To start off my trip, we went to the Bobcats game because we had seen that tickets were literally only 4 dollars, and I have never been to an NBA game before...


What I didn't know however, was that 15,000 middle school kids were attending the game for a "school is cool field trip"...luckily we were given press box type seats, and were no where near the little fugs. However, they did keep me entertained, this kid especially..

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So then Friday came along, and this was one of the best days I've ever had in my life...witnessing BOA in person. I had to start off by taking a picture with this beautiful Icon for the Panthers, one too that I have used numerous times in my videos...


Shortly after, we took a tour of the stadium which for only 5 dollars, is well worth the price to hear great stories and see a beautiful thing..


After this, we went to the team store which was just like heaven...with a hefty price tag.


While walking around stadium after tour, we found people lining up by the practice fields as if they were going to get autographs... I have never been to training camp or let a lone a practice, so I figured I should see what I can do, because just being near these guys is awesome to me...

The gates opened, and the first person I see is Mr. Kuechly...He came directly to me to not only sign an autograph, but also for a conversation as I told him I was from Washington state...This was a special moment being that never in my life had I been so close to a Panther, let alone talked to one...he was the nicest guy I've ever met, and is definatley easy to see why he is a fan favorite...


Shortly after that, I was able to get Frank Alexanders and Greg Olsen's and then I see Smitty walking out...Smitty has been my all time favorite panther, and will always be. He was my role model growing up and to at least see him up close would be all I wanted, well it looks like I got more than that...


Smitty also signed a guy by me who was holding up a wifebeater (yes a wifebeater) to get signed...Classic Smitty looked at it and said "Dear lord, you aint gonna wear that are you". Funniest thing I've seen all trip..

Then last but certainly least, I saw Cam coming out last after putting in some extra throws, and he had this mean but serious look on his face (this guy was begging him for his autograph so he could sell it smh), but sure enough Cam was nice enough to sign an autograph for me...


According to many, it's hard enough to get Cam and Smitty's autograph, however I was fortunate and lucky enough to on the first chance I got...I am super lucky and thankful!!!

I finished that night in the Epicenter...while seeing this (da fug?)


Spent the next day (Saturday) at the Uptown BBQ eating some damn good southern food...


(Had Mac's speed shop...yum!)

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Now onto Sunday...Saw very little tailgating, although it's expected since BOA doesn't have a parking lot like many others do. However, the stadium and outside of it was awesome for me...never have seen so many Panther fans in one place at a time...unreal...here is a view from my seats (sec. 101), not bad at all!


Before the game I also had to go meet one of the biggest fans I know, Catman!


One of the coolest things I have ever seen were the player intros...Hardy is a freak of nature, while Keek is so calm and cool...


Kickoff started, and the very first play as well know...had not only me shaking in my seat from the adrenaline, but the ENTIRE STADIUM ROCKING....was the coolest thing I had ever seen...

However, I feel as if after that, the stadium wasn't very loud again..I found myself being the only one standing on 3rd downs for our D, even on the 4th and 1 for the rams on the goaline...a little disappointing, however this team hasn't earned much from the fans after the past few years...Here is a picture of me being the only one celebrating a sack on 3rd down (top left, blue jersey)...1390547_10151647778911389_21144844_n_zps

As you can see, many were sitting and hardly clapping while I'm going nucking futs...Maybe I just over react on a 3rd down sack, or maybe the fans in my section just don't care as much...who knows.

Regardless it was one of the most awesome experiences of my life..Got flipped off by chris long and read his lips saying explicit language...all while watching Zod creep on him from behind with a grin (laughed out loud when I saw that)...


I was one of the first ones in the stadium, and literally the last one out..Didn't wanna leave. But I learned a few things from this trip..

1 - Carolina is one of the most beautiful and classy places I have ever seen. People were great here! Coming back to Washington and only been home a day and it's like Hell compared to Heaven.

2 - The further East you go, the better the food is. I'm glad I don't live there ONLY because I would do nothing but eat and become obese. It is so good there!

3 - The weather is great...got sunburnt on my right side after the game (neck, arm and face was red because sun was on the right of me lol). Even when it rained on Thursday, it was a warm rain rather than the freezing one here in the north west.

4 - The Panthers have changed...not just cause I went to a game, no, you could feel something different. Rivera actually talks and shows emotion now, to begin with. It's a new year and I believe good things will come from it. Superbowl? Probably not...but Playoffs? I'm thinking so!

All in all it was an overall great trip. Thanks to those who read, and just know that I envy everyone of you who live here. It is truly beautiful! Now let's go to Tampon Bay, beat the yucs and leave without getting a virus.

On a side note...while I was away, I volunteer coaching a tackle team of 6th graders...they won their playoff game to move to 8-0 on the year and now we play in the championship this next Tuesday night...got us some panther colored jerseys and now my all time coaching record is an undefeated 13-0...in which I wear this Panthers polo to every game...maybe I should wear this on Sundays? Keep Pounding!


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awesome. glad you had a good time. i was at the game as well, albeit in the upper level. i've sat in the lower sections and it is definitely more calm than the 500 sections.


hope you make it back for another game

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Awesome stuff and glad you had a great trip. I don't think I'd fly across country if I could avoid it. I was at the BBQ festival this weekend too (one of the most criminally underrated events of Charlotte) and glad u got to get some pig. There were better tents out there than Macs so I hope u tried some more. It's like a college tailgate during homecoming/alumni weekend. 


You still gotta answer my question on how in the hell there's a person from Wash state who appears to be a big panther fan? 


One other thing, as I mentioned, I was downtown basically the entire weekend. I didn't go into the game Sunday but I was out there at 8:30 AM tailgating. I stated this several times during the threads the past couple of days, but something FELT different out there. I'm talking about the environment. A lot of us were like "damn man there's a lot of us out here today. not a lot opposing jerseys", etc...The tailgating spots were packed and I swear it just felt different. Kinda had a playoff game atmosphere and the fans were 99% Panthers and were rowdy and pumped up. Then I see not once, but TWICE, bottles being thrown onto the field which I can honestly say I don't ever recall seeing that at a game. One of them hit Chris Long. So yeah, it was different Sunday. I dunno why. 


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Glad you enjoyed the trip. But the main thing I was looking for was if you tried Carolina BBQ or not. I see that you had, so you get pie. Priorities!

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So glad we got a win either way, but made it just a little nicer knowing you had flown all that way and had looked forward to it so much.  Actually thought of you during the game and kept on wishing the game would have something for you to remember.  You know I always look forward to anything you post on your videos.  Y'all come back now, ya hear?



Oh..........Rumble, young man, rumble.

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It was my first home game as well, and I can attest to everything you said.


By the way, I think I saw you where the players were walking out after the game, on the east side of the stadium near the railroad bridge. I was going to say hi but my lady friend kept bugging me to go. (Really wish I hadn't brought her to Charlotte with me).



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 (Really wish I hadn't brought her to Charlotte with me).


You should bring her to a Charlotte race next year. That's a real relationship test.


I have a close friend from HS/college who now lives in Virginia. He brought a girl down to the 600 last year and she had never been to a race, despite the fact that there's like 3 tracks in VA. They broke up within a week because she was so appalled in the way he  behaved. 


Also - OP did you come by yourself and where did u stay ???

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Good stuff man. I'm from NC, but I live in Atlanta. I've only seen BoA once from the outside over the summer when I was a kid. I envy you sooooooooo much. I can't wait to go to my first Panthers home game. How did you become a fan way out there in Washington?

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Glad you had such a good trip.  Congrats on all the great autographs and pics with players.  You are certainly lucky!


Surprised about 101.  Lower level endzone fans are usually more spirited....usually the best in the stadium.


Also happy to hear you had such a positive experience with the people here...you described as classy.  Sorry they are not that way at home.


Hope you can come again soon.  Glad you are a Panther fan.

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