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Super Star/KK-PFF 1st/2nd Rounders in Focus

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i love star and kawann, great tandem that compliment eachother perfectly ... getting dwan back is huge too. bring on the niners

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Once the Raiders took Hayden I knew we were home free.

Once I realized the only teams left on the board before our pick were the raiders and the jets I knew we were home free

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This draft class (w/only 5 picks) has already been a success. Gettleman deserves GM of the year consideration.

I don't want to be that guy, but, let's let the year play out before we hand out end of the year Hardware.

If Blackburn doesn't start, Klein may get his first start. Let's see how he performs to judge him, and Gettlemen.

Barner needs to see the field, as well as Kugzilla must come back healthy.

Star and Short have made this a stellar class. But it is still incomplete as to the rest of the picks.

Gettlemen did upgrade the bottom of our roster, making depth as deep as its been in like, forever. Competition at camp was fierce last year. That was just the beginning. You want to play for us, you had better be ready for the fight of your life.

He has also gotten us out from Cap hell, at this time anywho. Now if we could just address that nasty O-line situation? We are playing well, so it is easier to let it pass, but it is a MUST do this off-season. Kugs, Bell, Williams, and Scott as depth tickles me no end.

We have some money. How we spend it is the question? I am pretty sure Gettlemen with his Blue Book, evaluation skills, and his plan in place, is going to do whatever he thinks makes us better. As long as it fits the plan.

Let's see how Gettlemen drafts this year. Late round picks instead of early round picks. Almost like we don't even have a 1st, just a really early 2nd. There will be no Star, or Keek at 25 and higher.

If all goes to plan, and yes, the Panthers have a plan, we will add 3-4 new starters next year. That should make us better by itself. Where those guys play will determine how big of a step we actually do take. Best case, LT for the future, and Stud WR, but I'll take any guy that can take the job away from Smitty, are high on the list.

A true #1CB would be nice as well. Take care of those 3 positions with quality starts. We have a team with pretty much a quality starter at every position.

By the end of the year Gettlemen will have a pretty clear picture of what we are. And how he handles the Off-season will tell us what he is thinking. IMO, we must find Smitty's replacement. And the best way to do that is with a Vet. Draft would be nice but where we pick limits the pool.

LT and RG can be taken care of in the draft. We may not get the Stud LT, but the kid should still be good enough to move Gross over to RT. But a 2nd round RG could be a beast. There are at least 3 I can think of this year. Depends on what they truly think of Kugs if they draft a RG at all.

Sorry for the tangents. Carry on.

Oh, oh, oh, one more thing. The huddle gets softer as the Panthers get tougher. The Panthers have become that Bully Big Brother, and the Huddle be fapping it up. I guess it kinda answers itself there. Um, nevermind.

Gettlemen has done a fob job I tell ya what. He is just another reason why things seem to be going our way lately.

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Second highest rated first rounder behind Sheldon Richardson. I love that we got Star but maybe the Jets weren't as stupid as we thought.


Richardson was a great fit for them.  He might have done well here, but we needed a guy like Star more than anything.  If we got Sheldon, he'd have to be playing where KK and Dwan are.

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That's an absolutely horrible haircut

Yeah and he will still nail more super models than you ever will.

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Since lhey are my first and second choices during that draft, well my last draft, everyone know who's Gettleman is reading. :lol:

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