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Behind Enemy Lines - Atlanta Falcons

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My thing is, our defensive line is so good.  The refs have slowed down on the holding calls, even though their blatant................especially the Bucs game.  So, lets hope they bring the flags or something.  


Ref sympathy showed up again in the Rams game. Blatant or not, they're not calling holding like they were in the early season games. I remember years ago, a not-holding, picked up flag was explained, that JP was "powering through" the o-lineman so there was no holding. Uh. Hello? Isn't that what good DT's do? Still doesn't mean it's ok for the o-lineman to grab him as he powers right by him on his way to the QB. It's a darn shame when you have to play against the refs and the opposing team.


BUT I doubt his guys will all listen to Nolan. There's more fire-in-the-gut than Smitty on the Panthers now. It's contagious. :rock:  However we celebrate whatever on the field, I hope our guys are smart enough to not do it with Falcon players near by.


Mitchell -----------------------> I'm looking at you.

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It may just be the insecurity of years of losing, but I've got a feeling this game isn't going to be a blowout at all...

I'm with you

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lol @ fear. Panthers will win.  It will be a blowout.

It's great isn't it?  How many years has it been since we could talk smack and expect to be able to back it up.  We have our defense back and the offense is efficient and productive.  This year is starting to mirror 2005 in starting 1-2 and then winning 3 of the next 4.  I don't know if we can keep winning but I love the idea that we have the team to do it and the talent to keep on winning as long as we stay healthy.  Only this time we have the depth at running back as well.

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Let it go... It is ok to believe.  This isn't the same ole Panther team not even the same Panther team in week one and two.


They will come out totally focused and protect OUR turf.   Atlanta will be motivated and will bring their "A" game.  I could care less what sports talk radio or any of the bandwagon fans say.  The team of Atlanta Falcons are going to come into BOA stadium wanting to beat us and beat us good.   Remember we told THEM "To Get the Fk Off Our Field Too" last game we played.    I am sure they would love to come into BOA stadium and be able to say it walking off OUR field.


We'll be plenty motivated and ready for their "A" game. 


One thing our team has been saying during press conferences is... this is the NEXT GAME. 


They are focused.

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Guest cornflake10

I sure hope you guys put a beat down on the falcons. It obviously be better for us if the reverse happened, but I would rather see the falcons lose. I'll be a Panthers fan on Sunday.

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So far we have beaten the teams we should beat (NYG, Vikings, and TB).  These teams did not match up well against us and were already playing poorly.  The Rams were a much better team than these others (though now they are going to sink into obscurity without Bradford).  In every facet of the game, we dominated these teams.  Atlanta certainly looks on paper like these other teams in terms of personnel, coaching, and general crappiness.


If this Atlanta game gets chippy (like the Rams game), I expect our players to handle it as well as they did vs. STL.  I could see it happening because our D-line is nasty and they probably will hit Matt Ryan a few times and maybe put his face in the dirt and O-lineman hate that poo.  I could also see Smitty inciting the Falcons DBs into a contest of words (even though they have been forewarned).  When you are losing (like ATL at 2-5) and you are used to winning, those frustrations bubble to the surface and professionalism goes out the window.


I hope Rivera is talking about the psychological advantage this week and getting off to a fast start.  Looking at the match ups, we clearly have the upper hand:


We stop the run and they struggle to run the ball


We pressure the QB and they struggle to pass block


We have a diverse running game on top of having a pocket passer who is playing great football and they don't have much of a D-line


We are at home and on a 3 game winning streak and they are depleted and struggling to score points


We are in the middle of a wild card race and still have an outside shot at challenging for the division and they have been out of the picture since week 3


We are young, talented, and hungry and they are nearing the end of an era with their coaching staff


Of course it is a division game where anything can happen, but fans should be confident about this one because the pendulum is swinging our way and I think this game will be another momentum builder.  I don't have any desire to predict a score, but it could very well be that this game goes the way of our 4 previous wins.

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I live in Atlanta and have been listening to the sports radio here this week. The entire week that I have listened, they haven't really talked about the falcons, instead talked about baseball and UGA. When they have talked about the falcons, the general consensus is that they are done.

Yesterday around noon they started talking about the panthers. For like :30 mins, the hosts sucked off Cam, Riveria, the Panthers, and Mike Shula. They specifically praised Shula, because apparently in the beginning of the year, they really doubted his abilities. There was not an ill word spoken about the Panthers. There weren't even any callers talking smack, however I have heard their own fans refer to Matt Ryan as "noodle arm". This town is deflated, and I love sitting back and watching their world burn!


brings a tear to my eye............



nominated for post of the year!

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