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San Francisco Newpaper: Cam Is Better Than Kaepernick

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Posted 07 November 2013 - 11:58 PM

...and neither have you.


I disagree with the entire premise of why you don't think the Niners are a good running team, but that's OK. I'd submit that if a team knows you are going to run the ball 40 times, do everything they can to stop it and you still average 4.5 yards per carry you are doing pretty damn well.


If you really wanna look at run averages tho then you might wanna look at th average per rush against. Its only 3.9. The Panthers are at 3.7 and the Niners have missed 2 of their starting LBs for a good chunk of the season. Willis was still gimpy before the bye. The majir difference in those total rush yardage stats is exactly what you were talking about before...# of rushes against. My bet is that teams gave up running when they had little success early.


The Niners have also sacrificed run D by refusing to bring up a safety and that has resulted in FAR better pass D. That isn't really evidenced in the stats tho because late prevent defenses have skewed the numbers. Trust me on this tho...a healthy Justin Smith, Ray McDonald, Glenn  Dorsey, Aldon Smith, Ahmed Brooks, Navorro Bowman and Patrick Willis are adept at stopping the run.


Finally...stop looking at the statsheet. It's really misleading. The numbers are all topsy turvey due to huge leads. I'm sure the same is true of the Panthers.

The difference is that we don't have to rush well to win.  We  are a balanced attack and can run or pass.  The 49ers struggle if they don't run.  And you won't get 150 yards against us.  We will stop the run as we have all year and make Kap beat us with his arm.  We will pressure him where his passer rater is around 55.  On the other hand if you do the same thing to Cam his passer rating is well over a 100 when pressured.  And that will be the difference.


Your passing defense is no better than ours.  Yet our run defense is better. Plus our passing game is better as are our special teams.  Truth is that your biggest plus is home field advantage. Otherwise we match up very well against the 49ers. 

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Posted 08 November 2013 - 12:11 AM

I suppose that's fair.


Kap was RAW coming out of college. He is improving as a progression passer, but the system he plays in really does protect him in that regard.


The kid is bright tho (4.0 GPA, scored 38 on wonderlick) so I'm pretty sure he'll figure it out. I just hope he doesn't get hurt running around too much before he does.



I Agree

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Posted 08 November 2013 - 12:17 AM

'Ol Kap a gonna be a runnin for his life come Sunday...that is all...

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Posted 08 November 2013 - 01:40 AM

As if that is breaking news.    Cam is much better than Kap.      We all know the 9ers wish to god they had the chance to draft Cam.

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Posted 08 November 2013 - 01:48 AM

According to this post, Kap is progressing very well and going through his reads.

Title : "Kaep Going through progressions"

Link: http://forums.49ers....gh-progressions


Probably my favorite 2 quotes of this OP's post are these... (bolded)


What we're going to look at is a first down pass, which immediately followed a deep ball to Vernon down the sideline. It was the more "highlight reel" play, where Kaepernick looks off a safety, and fires a beautiful strike. We've all come to expect that from Kaep though, as in my opinion, he is a near-elite passer. In any case, back to the play at hand. It's a first down pass. A checkdown here is acceptable, and preferred. It's a 6-yard pass which results in 3 yards after the catch, because it's both an accurate, well placed pass, and because Bruce Miller is sick.


And this one:



But it's impressive. Getting to your 4th read against a complex man-zone scheme, where the DBs have options based on how the play evolves. Plays like this are the reason we've been sustaining drives. It's not easy to go through progressions, and he does it fast. He gets the ball out of his hands in under 3 seconds. It's also worth noting that teams are playing the pass against us even in run formations. We see 3 deep coverage with only 2 guys out wide. That's nuts. Talk about a QB having an affect on how successful your running game is...

What say you all?

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Posted 08 November 2013 - 09:41 AM


So even tho teams KNOW the 49ers will run the ball more than any other team in the NFL and will sell out to stop it, they STILL can't do it and still allow 183 yards per game over the last 5.

This is nothing more than another statistical anomaly that stems from the huge leads they have enjoyed. You are not entirely incorrect...but the fact that they have had those leads also contributes to their passing statistics. You don't get it both ways. :) Also, they BUILT a number of those leads by running the ball,

We won't sell out to stop it