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Butthurt Patriots Fans

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Are the laughingstock of the whole country right now outside of New England and BSPN.

Had to fly to Portland OR today after being at BOA last night (which has been tough), but it's funny sitting at the bar in Phoenix and Portland listening to people talk.

And by God, the Panthers are relevant nationally again. And most everyone thinks it is laughable that the Patriots would have the audacity to complain about a controversial call after the Tuck Rule, Spygate, etc.

Fug em, we won, they lost, and life goes on. Panthers made a major statement last night.

I just moved to Phoenix(SUCKS!) from Charlotte 2 weeks ago and I have had 4 conversations since Monday night already saying the exact same thing. The Sports radio out here is ridiculous, they keep crying how the patriots got hosed. My response has been like you just said especially the tuck rule. I just think it's hilarious to act like the NFL  would conspire to help the Panthers beat one of their golden teams, especially after ALL of the calls that Brady and the Pats get. It's horseshit. It will be hilarious to be one of only a handful of Panthers fans out here when we make some noise in the playoffs

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in Charleston they think that the Pats got screwed

fug my state

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Charleston is very much like Charlotte in the way you will hear more Brooklyn accents than southern.

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Fair enough. It was the multiple fans who tried hard to start a fight with me when I was minding my own business leaving the stadium and in bars around Charlotte that pissed me off. Yes, you won. But picking fights with other fans who are minding their own business is silly.

From a Pats fan.. way to step up your game BoA..

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Win some, you lose some. Not all calls are going to go your way, whether they are right or wrong. Fact of the matter is, is that Brady and the Patriots didnt put themselves in a good position by needing to go down the field and score a TD to win with seconds on the clock. They could have avoided putting this game in the refs hands by taking care of their own business when it counted. For example: not fumbling near our endzone, going for it on that 4 and 1 on like our 20, etc.

You want to win you got to make it happen for yourself you can't count on the referees doing it for you. They are human and they are prone to mistakes. Fans can cry about it all they want, but the Patriots had a fair chance to win that game and couldn't capitalize.

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