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Comet ISON

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I'm sure everyone knows about comet ISON and how huge it could be. The comet started it's 36+ hour journey around the sun a few hours ago. It had about a 40% chance of surviving its trip around the sun. Just as it started to circle the sun, the sun fired a massive (CME) *Coronal Mass Ejection* directly at it. Which is exactly what happened to comet Encke back in 07' which was also directly hit by a CME.


ISON still stands a great chance of making it around the sun but the chances of the sun hitting two comets in a row with direct CME's is almost inconceivable. It's as if the Sun know what it's doing.


Here is a picture of the CME and ISON


if ISON makes it, we are in for a show, It could be x5 brighter than the moon.

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ISON is holding strong, it makes it's closest pass to the sun around 1:30 EST today. If it makes it we could expect something that could be x30 brighter than halley's comet 



I know some people don't give a fug but, if it survives and we get to see something brighter than the moon... that's.. that's something special.

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Just read that this thing got mostly obliterated. True?

So, about 1:44 PM it was going to make it's closest pass at, NASA TV waited and waited and it never came, the sun ate it up..


At roughly 7:14 tonight ISON came back into view again flying away from the sun. astronomers and scientists, are in disbelief. The comet is truly a miracle to say the least... Nobody really know whats going on right now..



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