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Indiana Pacers @ Charlotte Bobcats

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Shut your poo. I never get how fans cry about how much bigger of a fan they are compare to others.

I'm a damn fan of this team since day 1! I'm damn smart enough to know that we need a franchise star building block.


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Sorry, I don't talk to people that cheer for their supposedly 'favorite' team to lose... blocked.


NO! I'm cheering for my favorite team to "WIN". Win for a damn player worth building your whole damn franchise around so maybe one day you can smell some relevance in the future instead of being a damn sorry as team in the league for the last decade. 


You acting like a "good" fan cheering for us to keep winning and make the damn 8th seed is the one cheering for us to lose.

Our next 5 years depends all on this next draft.

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I find it hilarious that people are already giving up on Cody and we're barely 15 games into the season... lol... this is the same fan base that had to sit through three all-time horrible years of Tyrus Thomas before they acquiesced that he would not ever "reach his potential," after giving up a first rounder and money to him. Oh yeah, and we waited around on Hendo to be average at best. And how bout how Biz was going to be the next Ibaka? LOL.

And yet, Cody is already a bust?

He isn't getting minutes and he's not being given a chance to make an impact. I thought he looked good tonight. The summer league was not a fluke... he can do those same things in any given game. He needs the time to do it. And I still don't understand why he's riding the bench as the #4 overall pick, behind a rotational glue guy, when he should be out there getting time and developing.

And no, he is NOT Hansborough. Zeller has much better feet, athleticism, and coordination. Again, he needs the time to play and learn on the job, not sit behind McBob as he racks up single digit stats in every possible category outside of blocks and steals.


Im not calling him a bust 'yet'. I'll give him a full year under his belt, then maybe next year I'll start to pick him apart. But, right now he have shown very little to why he was worth the no4 overall pick.


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During the games I can't root for the Bobcats to lose, but I also don't get upset when they lose. If I had my wish we'd finish with a bottom 5 record in the NBA. You have to understand that we aren't even on the same planet as the Heat or Pacers and forget the western conference teams (wouldn't even be close to sniffing the playoffs in that conference). I just want to be able to root for something more than a yearly 7-8 seed that gets 4-0'd by the Pacers or Heat every year. You think that missing the playoffs and being awful every year is no fun? At least you add a potential all-star or star to your roster after those seasons. There is nothing good about being a 7-8 seed in the NBA. That's the thing that sucks about the NBA though... there are only a few teams that have a legit shot, whereas in baseball and football just about everyone that gets in has a shot (granted half the teams make it in in the NBA).

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