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Cool Story Bro

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So, whenever someone makes a bad thread.. cough charlottepanther cough cough.. We always jokingly say "cool story bro" or 10/10 will read again. It's funny I get it.. sometimes the gifs people use are hilarious. But, recently I've noticed threads that have legitimate value or someone is asking a question and people will reply with something completely useless.. 


Some guy just made a thread about how he was excited to go to the game with his son and cheer loudly for the Panthers, someone replied with "Cool thread bro" Just last night someone asked a question about what the seats were like in the upper levels and he got about three replies saying "will read again" and "i dunno" Everyone that does this seems to have below 300 posts, I feel like we are getting a bunch of bandwaggoners that are making the forum even worse lately.. Anyone else notice this?


inb4 10/10 will read again, cool story bro.

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The downright rudeness of some of these new people has surprised me the most.

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well most threads have something of a cogent argument, question, set of premises, analysis, or relevant news story that constitutes its existence, so when you get some guy that beebops in off the street and goes "hay guys how bout them panthers hope we beat them with our football men go panthers i hope are running game is great im impressed with riviera well what do you guys think do the good guys get it done this weekend roar panthers!" it's pretty much inevitable that people are gonna drop bombs on it


kind of like in society when someone in a given social network says something really dumb out loud, much dumber than anyone in the circle around them and people just kinda get quiet and look at them like uhhh where is your helmet


its almost like online forums are an extension of interpersonal discourse irl


wait a minute



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Easy way to get post count up so they can make shitty threads.

Wait, isn't OP the master of this?

I'd have about 10k posts if zod didn't delete my accounts back in the day.

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