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CBS Sports: "Cam Newton or Russell Wilson?" [Video]

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I'd say Russell and Cam are easily the two best young quarterbacks.  I honestly still can't believe Tom O'Brian pushed Wilson out of State's football program.  


its a reason tom O'brian is no longer with the program

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I always think about this.. all the young QBs and never changed my mind about Cam being number one.. Even if he wasn't on this team I think he is the best pick for a team. 


heres my list of who if I were a coach I would want to be my QB







 Do people really walk around with a ranking in their head? Anyhow, for me Wilson is a miniature Cam  so I don't think he could handle the workload of playing QB on this Panther team and be 9-3. No way in hell. If Cam were in Seatle teams might as well forfeit the next 4-5 superbowls. I've been following Cam since Blim College, he just refuses to allow other team to beat him. The rest on that list aren't worth mentioniong. Cam and Wilson really distance themselves from the rest so I think it's a slight to them bring lower tier QBs into the fray. Two of those other QBs are winning so we can't really say they're struggling because their teams are bad. They just fail the eye test.

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