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What is our prime weakness?

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lol at anyone that says oline. cam has time to throw just NO WEAPONS.


Does brees have a great Oline. i dont think so but he has plenty weapons.




complete recievers not just a speed guy, a ify possesion guy, and 89 past his prime


We need a #1 WR a #1 CB and a Hog Mollie RT somehow someway in the offeseason. if we get that we will be able to take the South and compete for championships year after year

two solutions to that


may require us to move up but they are must haves


Donte Moncrief


Kelvin Benjamin



Moncrief is the most complete wide receiver in the draft (A bigger Dez Bryant)


Benjamin is a poor mans Calvin Johnson, he catches the difficult passes but has some opsies here and there, that can be worked on

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Our offensive play calling should be added to the list. Just when you think that the OC is getting "it", he reverts back to his old ways that won't cut it vs. more prolific offenses, and fails to adapt to the situation. I don't care what anyone says, Cam Newton's very presence, alone, should afford us the  latitude  to ramp up the offense when necessary. No need to trudge in mud when you're down a couple of touchdowns. 

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Wr. We have for the most part managed to work around the secondary issue due to a strong front 7 masking the weakness. I believe it's time to focus on offense. We need to get a big, possession receiver with great hands. Secondly I would shore up the O line. Sent from my SPH-D710 using CarolinaHuddle mobile app

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As a group


OL, then CB, then WR.


As individuals and strengths/weaknesses,

Gross and Smitty losing a step will only get worse

CB's are very young and have not seen a lot of looks that are being thrown at them

Cam's passing has seemed to taken a step back as the fastball is his only consistent throw at this time.

Keek has a bit to learn as far as pass coverage and shadowing.

Shula not calling game which plays to our guys strenghs


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I would solidify o-line first. Even if you think WRs are worse a great O-line can make everything else easier on offense.

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