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Cam and Luck forced to carry flawed offenses

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#1 Delhommey



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Posted 11 December 2013 - 03:18 PM




Immortality doesn't come easy. Tom Brady averaged 6.26 passing yards per attempt in 2002, his second season as an NFL starter. That ranked him 25th in the league, behind guys like Tim Couch, Patrick Ramsey and Rodney Peete.

One spot behind Brady in yards per attempt during that campaign: Drew Brees. The following season, Brees' third in the league, coach Marty Schottenheimer started Doug Flutie over Brees -- then with the Chargers -- for the final five games. Flutie was 41 years old.

This season's 25-and-under quarterbacks have battled through their share of adversity, with Robert Griffin III about to get benched. It hasn't been all that smooth for young signal-callers who have played well, like Andrew Luck and Cam Newton.

Luck and Newton, who physically mirrored one another during their performances at the NFL Scouting Combine, share a similar burden this December. They have to carry offenses with plenty of flaws.

The Colts are tough to watch at this point, which is remarkable for a team with such an entertaining quarterback. The offensive line can barely operate for stretches. Indianapolis is counting on wide receivers like LaVon Brazill and Da'Rick Rogers to step up down the stretch.

Cam Newton is supported by an outstanding defense, but Carolina's offense is worse overall than a season ago. No team has fewer explosive plays in the passing game. Newton has limited his mistakes and is good for five to six incredible plays a game, but the Panthers' offense is methodical at best. (Schottenheimer would love it.)

We want these young quarterbacks to be top-five players right away, but that's usually not how it works. Newton and Luck's progress this season has been impressively steady, but not spectacular. The lack of offensive pieces around them don't help.




Nothing revolutionary, but certainly some perspective.

#2 DaCityKats


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Posted 11 December 2013 - 03:23 PM

seen this earlier, cant say i dont agree.this team needs weapons.

#3 Oudaman90



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Posted 11 December 2013 - 03:28 PM

Yup, and until we get weapons we will just be happy to make the playoffs every year...

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Posted 11 December 2013 - 03:36 PM

lol but but but Shula is worthy of head coaching discussion!

Our offense, quite honestly, has been really terrible for the most part this season... Sure, you can find stats that make it look flashy, but we haven't done well at all against decent defenses...

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Posted 11 December 2013 - 03:39 PM

It shouldn't be surprising our offense is worse this year... Steve Smith isn't a deep threat anymore which leaves us with three possession guys (Smith, Olsen, LaFell) and Ted Ginn as our deep guy, and he tends to drop anything past 30 yards.

#6 Mr. Scot

Mr. Scot

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Posted 11 December 2013 - 03:40 PM

Not much of that I'd argue with.

#7 L-TownCat


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Posted 11 December 2013 - 03:41 PM

seen this earlier, cant say i dont agree.this team needs weapons.




So you do agree?  or Do you not agree that you can't disagree with the don't not?

#8 h0llywood



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Posted 11 December 2013 - 03:42 PM

But.... I thought Luck already has the 2015-2020 MVP awards locked down?

#9 dos poptarts

dos poptarts


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Posted 11 December 2013 - 04:55 PM

I'm glad someone in sports jounalism finally mentioned that it's all about TEAMs and not just the QB stats/wins/losses.....I do agree that every QB needs a true #1 weapon.


I thought the Colts would regress and be a 9 win team this year (and it 'could' still happen) If the AFCSouth had any competitive teams, they might not have even got 8.


Interesting that he left off deep discussion of RGIII and Kap who, in my opinion, limit their offenses.



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Posted 11 December 2013 - 04:56 PM

if cam was an immobile pocket passer we'd be 5-8

#11 DirtyMagic97



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Posted 11 December 2013 - 05:19 PM

if cam was an immobile pocket passer we'd be 5-8


I honestly couldn't see us getting to 5 wins without Cam taking snaps. An immobile QB would probably have been injured by now.

#12 The Golden Child

The Golden Child


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Posted 11 December 2013 - 05:39 PM

We nee speed on offense.

#13 RufftownRepresent


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Posted 11 December 2013 - 05:45 PM

lol but but but Shula is worthy of head coaching discussion!


I'm not going to say that he is worthy of a head coaching job (hint: he's not) but the Browns hired fuging Chud. There's a sucker born every minute.

#14 Keep Steve

Keep Steve


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Posted 11 December 2013 - 05:58 PM

The Panthers have needed new weapons on offense since 2009. It is even worse now because Smith isn't playing at the level AJ Green and Calvin Johnson are nowadays. I would love to see him take over in Detroit or Chicago. It would be a joke.

#15 teeray



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Posted 11 December 2013 - 06:03 PM

People always wants to push these young QBs into the Brees and Brady categories when they are not ready. They forget that Brees and Brady needed much time to fully develop before they became who they are now as players.

It creates unrealistic expectations that most young QBs will never live up to early in their careers. That is why smart people always preach patience, something sorely missing in this instant gratification society these days.

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