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If this year's Panthers - Saints games were a youtube video....

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i had something like that happen to me once, only it wasn't a stray cat and i wasn't trying to get rid of it.


i was at a friend's house and it was his cat. we were looking up something on the computer and his cat crawled up on my lap so i just started petting it, not thinking anything about it. it rolled over on it's belly, which usually means it's content only then it bit mu thumb and dug it's claws into my arm. i jumped up and had to pull the thing off me and its claws and teeth were in so deep it cut me. i threw the thing on the floor and it launched at me again and latched itself onto my leg so i kicked the thing off and my buddy finally got over his initial shock and grabbed the cat by the back and threw it outside. 


the whole thing came completely without warning and it had never done anything like that before. my buddy felt bad about it, but it's not like he had any idea that was going to happen. 


that cat took off but supposedly came back from time to time. one weekend while my friend and his wife were out of town the cat got trapped under one of their buildings by a crazy stray chow that pretty much terrorized it for who knows how long and drove the cat even more crazy. i think it ended up getting chased by that dog into the road and got run over. meanwhile, they had to call animal control on the chow and it ended up having to be shot three times with a shotgun to take it down. that thing was a beast.


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Love that cat.

Now that dumb bytch can go back to spoon feeding her worthless mutt dog food out of the can.

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