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Cam vs Brees...Brady vs Manning ish

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Cam has a long way to go before he's in the convo with Peyton or Brady, but with his development and with Gman at the helm I feel that Cam vs Brees could turn into this sort of rivalry....you've got the young gun bursting onto the scene developing into a superstar vs the established older great...the young team bursting onto the scene that no one expected to be there, " hopefully" spoiling the established favorites season and advancing...it makes it even better that we are actually in the same division so we get to see each other twice a year with more at stake.....cam is 2-3 against Brees going into the weekend.....I feel this could turn into one of those legendary rivalrys that people will talk about for years, and this weekends game will be the spring board for that....I have this gut feeling that we are about to witness something great this weekend....it gives me chills that I get the privaledge of witnessing this....I feel we are on the verge of a golden age of panther football.....we are in for a fun rest of the season and great years ahead watching these two battle....i feel it's gonna be one of those games you'll look back on for years and say I saw and was apart of that.....Sunday is looming and can't come soon enough!!!!!!! We are truely blessed to be witnessing this....take it all in, every minute of it!!!! Don't miss out Sunday cuz you'll be mad you did....And most importantly....Keep Pounding

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Not a fan of proper punctuation on the internet, I get enough of that in class......


Yeah I feel ya. Essays out the ass in college

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Manning and Brady are on their own levels, no one else should be compared.  They are the only two QB's who are in the playoffs every year despite their teams deficiencies/injuries.  Hopefully Cam can get to that level one day but the top two, no one else should be mentioned with them... just my thought anyway.

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