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Official Huddle Playoff Tickets Contest #2 - Pure Poetry

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Illeterate cockburglar,

Wearer of Dolphin hats.

Give no credit to the Panther defense

That held you to humiliating stats.

History will repeat itself,

And as your smug ass slumps slowly off the field,

Fans will cheer.  You're eyes will tear,

Your sphinkter will pucker with fear.

For you will have learned the truth:

The Panthers are here.




seperate work:



As the black and blue crowd

Celebrate success,

There's one fan so sad, so caught in distress.

Why is it she cries when the Panther's have won?

Why do tears soak her face

Why does she turn from the sun?

Is it perhaps, though the stats she may skew,

The Saints* implode on the road

And she lost all she knew.

But who is Dat? So alone in this place.

Sitting so Fat, with Dat greasy rapist's face.

She'll compile some stats,

She'll make a wall of excuses,

She'll ignore the facts,

But Alejandro still loses.



you had me at illeterate - what ever the hell that means

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Do you smell that?





Me thinks a 9er hath made

A wretched perfume in his lingerie

See him hobble to and fro

Debased jean shorts away he throws


For it was the kraken, the star, dwan and the short

A keek, a captain and their cohort

To which caused such a scare in 9er land

And sent them crying back to San Fran

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A Call to Arms: Panther Nation


 It’s been five long years.

 This time we will prevail.

 So get to your seats early,

 On this day we yell.

 Underdogs are what they call us.

 Real fans know we’re real.

 Time to make the haters feast!

 Is crow considered a meal?

 My friends and fellow fans,

 Everyone stand and cheer!

 Panthers rule this Jungle,

 A team they all should fear.

 No respect has made them hungry.

 They will take what they deserve.

 Hype will die come Sunday.

 ESPN stops grading on a curve!

 Riverboat lead there warriors.

 No battle is too great.

 A team born in darkness,

 That feeds of the hate.

 I belong to Panther Nation!

 Our team is ready to feast.

 No more being irrelevant,

 Kraken has been released!

 Everyone prepare for battle!

(Even the bandwagon fans)

 Pour the noise on the field,

 Prepare to shake the stands!

 Our battle cry has been heard before...

 Uniform competition?

 Now we wear our black with pride!

 Dameshek: Out of commission.

 If you don’t believe, get off the wagon.

 No stops from here to Jersey.

 Grab on for dear life

 & prove that you are worthy.

 Ready to bring the noise?

 Our players will bring the fight!

 All of Panther Nation,

 Roar with all your might.



(Make sure to read the first letters of each line!)

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Oh the game on Sunday,

surely a fight,

as critics of Cam,

filled with jealousy and spite,

49ers have been crowned,

kings of the conference,

but Colin will leave Sunday,

with bruises and paw prints.


Whats that sound you say?

arise, Come The Kraken!

but you can't forget about

Luke, TD, and Captain.

A team effort it will take,

with so much at stake,

we dominate everything,

poetry. no rhythm. killed it.



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Now I really wish I learn English well.


But I didn't...

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From the south 19 years ago was born a roar from the depths

All could hear but many new not what to expect

Early on our hearts were filled with joy

At twelve and four this new roar became more than a ploy

Then came devastation after a great start

A new coach rose but ripped the joy from our hearts

At one and fifteen a new coach would emerge

Old habits and loosing he would purge

Our new quarterback to rise from the bench

He spoke so weird some thought he was French

A gunslinger mentality and winning record he would bring

Many fans were excited about winning that super bowl ring

Then would lie a crappy kick at the end of the game

Everyone knows who so I won't say his name

In 2011 came a new era

A new QB named Newton and a Coach name Rivera

The first two years would not be that great

But every new QB and coach make a mistake

Three years later now hear we are

The Super Bowl being only two games away is not that far

Panther fans again are filled with excitement

As Steve Smith rehabs so he can get his knee in alignment

So one game ahead to prove who we are

The 2013 Carolina Panthers are ready to set the bar

So if you're not ready, or have the faith to believe

Don't worry, a win from the 49'rs Cam Newton and Steve Smith are about to thieve

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I'm submitting this one on behalf of my brother.  He's 10 years younger but still has love for BIGGIE


It was all a dream

Then I got my first "Roar" magazine

Steve Smith rollin' all over town in a limousine

Hanging jerseys on my wall

Every Sunday in the Man-Cave watchin' the Panthers play some ball

I made the grill rock and the popcorn pop

Smokin' cheap cigars, sippin' on the beer I bought

Way back, when I had the blue and black hat

With some kicks to match

Remember Biakabutuka, and and my man Lamar

They never thought that Carolina football could make it this far

Now we're in the spotlight, because our team plays right

Time to get made - hoistin' the Lombardi is the only way

We are the winners - no matter who's the chooser

Take Kap over Cam?  Only if you are a loser

Peace to Nolan Smith, the man with Crabs and VD,

The runner up is the best you'll ever be.

We're movin' on like we knew we would

Enjoy your flight home while we celebrate - it's all good.


And if you don't know, you will on Sunday....suckas




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For two weeks now we've all been waiting for this day,

All of Panther Nation is ready to play.

The clock finally strikes 1:05,

And everyone in the stands come alive.

All game long our defense stopped them down after down,

Every 49ers fan sat in their seat with a frown.

Thomas Davis sniffed out screens left and right,

Frank Gore didn't even put up a fight.

Anquan Boldin got shutdown all game by Cap,

He should've stayed home and took a nap.

Vernon Davis got manhandled by Luuuuke all day,

But hey, NFL DPOY, what can you say?

The Panthers released The Kraken on Colin,

On every snap Greg Hardy was ballin'.

All day long our offense lit up the scoreboard,

We rode the back of our War Eagle quarterback as he soared.

Olsen caught a bullet and took it all the way,

I guess the 49ers should've just stayed in the Bay.

DeAngelo busts another long run down the sideline,

If you looked closely, you could even see Jim Harbaugh crying.

Newton passes to Smith for another TD score,

All of Panther Nation lets out a huge roar.

Tolbert runs over defenders left and right,

There's not a 49ers fan left in sight.

The end of the game is near as Cam takes a final knee,

The clock strikes zero as we seal the victory.

Some players soak Ron with Gatorade,

But he doesn't care, he's just proud of how his team played.

The Carolina Panthers started off 1 and 3,

And now they're on their way to a Super Bowl victory!

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I think the winner should be the Huddler that did the Christmas poem

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Rematch in Playoffs

San Francisco won't go Wooo

Keep Pounding Panthers

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An ode to Greg Hardy!


There once was a Kraken from Ole Miss

Who was meaner than fire and piss

And he said with a grin as he strapped up his chin

On Sunday I take Kap to the Abyss

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Keep Pounding All Season


The Carolina Panthers started out a big 0 and 2,

A lot of people thought that the season was through.


We were so damn close, it was making me sick.

Then the Giants came to town, and we started to click.


After the first TD, I knew we had a shot.

And we walked off the field 38 points to naught.


But then the next game we had a different persona,

We took it on the chin from those birds in Arizona.


The people were calling for the head of Riverboat Ron

With this 1 and 3 start everybody thought he was gone.


But The Carolina Panthers, no they didn’t bow down.

That’s just not the way it goes when you play in Uptown.


Because you gotta keep pounding. Yeah, it goes without sayin’.

You can’t hope to make a play, no you just gotta be playin.’


I couldn’t pinpoint the problems, no I don’t know the reason,

But we turned things around into an incredible season.


When you looked in the papers, all you’d see is the haters,

But what got us to this point is some kick ass players.


Like number one Newton, you know him simply as Cam.

Runnin’ in the end zone, and doin’ the Superman.


So many 3rd downs and short, oh those moments were tense.

Then there goes Deangelo, tearing through the defense.


Who can forget Monday night, oh it was so much fun

Watching Steve Smith tell Talib he better “ice up, son.”


Then there’s the man on the D, who can’t stop bringing it weekly

If you’re gettin’ intercepted, you can bet it is Kuechly.


Now the playoffs they’re here, and it’s time to do your part

When the San Fran fans see you they’ll know you have a head start


Cause when you get up on Sunday, just go by this checklist.

You don’t need no spoon, just go dominate breakfast.


You can skip one day of church, don’t need no lookin’ for answers.

Just get down to the field and go and cheer on the Panthers.


So the next time it seems like every problem’s compounding.

Don’t say a word and know you gotta Keep Pounding.


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