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Fantasy Poll: the Panthers Move from Charlotte!

Who do you cheer for?  

84 members have voted

  1. 1. Do you like the Original, or want the New One?

    • I'm remaining a fan of the Original Panthers franchise, no matter which city it ends up in
    • I'll only be a fan of whatever NFL team is located in Charlotte
    • I'm giving up on the NFL
    • I'm switching my fan vote to some other NFL team

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So let's say that JR decides to either sell the team or pick it up and move it across the country - let's say to LA or some other reasonable NFL-desirable city.


At some point in the future afterwards, the NFL awards another franchise to Charlotte.


Do you...

  • Remain a fan of the original Panthers, regardless of where they relocate to?
  • Switch allegiances to the new Charlotte-based team, because they're in Charlotte?

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If the Panthers leave Charlotte, I'm done with the NFL.  I officially switched my affiliation from the Saints to the Panthers in 2005 because of fat Tom Benson threatening to leave Louisiana in the wake of Hurricane Katrina (I had been generally following the panthers since 2003 when Jake Delhomme was given a chance to start, but wasn't a die hard until that fat excuse for a human being pulled that BS).  I'll likely still pull for the Panthers, but I really think at that point, I'd be officially done with the NFL.

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I would keep up with them. But if another franchise moved to the Carolinas that would be my new team.

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