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I saw Air Force One today!

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Or two or whatever.

I was picking my uncle up from the airport in Raleigh today for a memorial service for my mom who recently passed away.

There is a back entrance to the airport that not many people know about or use except service people and UPS, etc.

I had forgotten that Obama was coming to town today, so when I pull onto this road there were about 50 police officers on bikes just sitting there. As I was pulling in I get a good look at the tarmac and there are at least a dozen black SUVs out there, and the usually empty observation deck has about 50 people crammed up there.

I pulled up to the old terminal to wait for my uncle and as I was sitting there I got a great view of Air Force One landing then turning around and going go where it was going to park.

Once my uncle finally showed up (of course he WS delayed because the entire airport is delayed when the President shows up) we exited the same way we came in and Air Force One was parked out that way. There was no one behind us so we got yo drive about 5 mph and check it out. It was pretty cool.

No matter how you feel about a sitting President I have a great deal of respect for the office of the presidency. And getting a chance to see Air Force One was pretty damn cool in my book.

Probably more exciting to me than you guys, but I just thought it was neat.

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Kudos.  It's a pretty good movie.  Harrison Ford kicks ass.










Wait...what? :unsure:

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I was an air traffic controller in the Air Force and had the opportunity to talk to Air Force 1 on several occasions.  One of the highlights of my career was working George Bush Jr into Baghdad, Iraq when he surprised the troops...  I did not even know it was him until the plane landed. 


While I do not always support who is in office, seeing the airplane and knowing what it represents is pretty cool.

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