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Happy Panther

If we had won vs 49ers the winningest % coach in Panthers history would be....

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Ron Rivera.


Or if he wins the opener next year.


But he is already the winningest regular season coach




Also Seifert is doing well retired in Nevada...rooting for the 49ers and no hard feelings.




Seifert, who also served as the team’s de facto general manager during his three years, did give the Panthers a great going-away present. His final draft was the best the Panthers ever had. He picked linebacker Dan Morgan, defensive tackle Kris Jenkins and wide receiver Steve Smith in the first three rounds of the 2001 draft. All eventually made the Pro Bowl, and Smith became the best player in team history.
When I remarked that Smith was still here 13 years later and that the Panthers should be indebted to the former coach for that, Seifert laughed and said: “You could also say I gave them an opportunity to get a pretty good pass rusher – a guy who helped them get to the Super Bowl. Out of something bad came something good, right?”
Seifert was referring to that 1-15 season of 2001, which was so bad it allowed the Panthers to draft Julius Peppers with the No.2 overall pick in 2002.




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From what I've read and heard, players hated him.


Smitty has had some less than glowing things to say about him.


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Now if he can just keep trending upward. I really like Ron, yes I'm hard on him, but I want him to succeed here.


My biggest concern with Rivera is whether or not he will revert back to his old ways now that he feels safe in his job again, he made substantial progress during the course of the 2013 season. He still has much to prove, like getting off to a better start in the beginning of the season, and actually winning after a bye week.

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Winningest coach has nothing to do with winning percentage.  The two are totally different.  Thread fail.


Yeah I noted that in the post right above yours.


Still a pretty amazing accomplishment.

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