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Marshon Brooks may be on the Market soon.

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The Golden State Warriors acquired MarShon Brooks and Jordan Crawford on Wednesday as part of a three-team trade with Boston and Miami. Crawford will stick with the Warriors for the rest of the season, however Brooks could be waived at some point to open up a roster spot should GM Bob Myers look to make another trade by the Feb. 20 or sign a free agent. 

"After this deal, it doesn't change our mentality," Myers told the San Francisco Chronicle. "Nobody is sitting back and saying, 'Well, we're done now. We did our jobs. Let's see what happens.' If something came up tonight that was good, we'd do it. That's how you have to be, because it's a competitive league and everyone is trying to get better." 

Brooks did not play that much with the Celtics this season and he may have the same situation with the Warriors. Brooks will be an unrestricted free agent beginning on July 1 and won't re-sign with the Warriors. 

The Warriors are now $2.28 million below the luxury tax line after Wednesday's trade which gives Myers plenty of room to make more moves.

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    • If nothing else that would mean more kicker jobs as guys like Lloyd would be in demand as a kick off specialist.
    • im generally ok with individual consumers boycotting but tbh im a little annoyed with companies boycotting. these businesses aren't benevolent and boycotting doesn't make their product more pure or their mode of production more ethical. i mean hey big deal ncaa, you moved your games. you're not taking much of a hit there but you get your positive press for your incredibly shitty business. like ok cool you hate the dumb law, i do too. maybe pay your employees before trying to stake out the moral high ground though??? meanwhile the nba moves it's all star game to louisiana where the largely black prison population still picks cotton on "former" slave plantations. hb2 is so mind numbingly stupid that it's easy to oppose without fear of having to sacrifice meaningful profits. im saving praise for companies that oppose oppressive institutions that aren't easy or profitable to oppose.