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JR takes out full page ad in the Observer

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nobody can read cursive writing anymore...lol

You should see my brother's handwriting.

Doctors and Pharmacists look at his scrawl and go "What the he!! language Is this?"

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I guess this is the reason I prefer Gettleman as the face of the Panthers Franchise as opposed to Jerry Richardson.

What kind of ad did Ol' Jerry take out after the 2010 NFL season? 


JR=bottom line, fug the fans.


Deep wounds heal slowly.

Stop patting yourself on the back Jerry. You've accomplished nothing yet.




You promised us a Lombardi.


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We weren't exactly NE either.

We also weren't San Fran or Detroit or even the Cardinals. The Rams are setting up to be a dangerous team once they get a coach who can tailor a game plan to fit what he wants to do. Teams like New England maintain through scouting players in college and the pros. They bring in solid FAs to fill holes and mask deficiencies, much like we did.

That said, we have offensive rookie player of the year, defensive player of the year, and two DTs on the all rookie team. A rookie safety with two INTs, another rookie corner with a pick six. Mike Mitchell going into his sixth year with 3 or 4 picks at safety. Greg Hardy with 15 sacks, Charles Johnson with 10 or 11.

Sometimes you get beat, with more seasoning the guys will be ready to go. All in all one game out of 17 does not define a season. While the goal is to win the division, get to the playoffs, and with a little luck the Super Bowl, we went 12-4. I was a very cheerful person from July until January and that's all I can ask for. With Cam, Luke, and Ron I have no fear that a Super Bowl will not happen.

If Shula doesn't evolve then we will be left out in the dark more often than not. What he likes to do firs in with our gameplan most weeks but against good defenses we have to have the ability and know how to go downfield.

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110725_jjr_signature.jpgvs dXdzjkp.png

proof jerry dictated?

Looks like the same handwriting to me. One in "quick autograph" mode, the other in "deliberate, this is going in the newspaper" mode.

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1996: 12-4

1997: 7-9


2003: 11-5

2004: 7-9


2005: 11-5

2006: 8-8


2008: 12-4

2009: 8-8


2013: 12-4

2014: ????


This is the history before us. At first glance it looks as though the organization is very happy just to have a good season, then follow it up by resting on their laurels enjoying what happened yesterday...


Well, time to step up and qualify what you did in 2013 by performing in 2014.

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The new General Manager is a guy who's used to being in the Super Bowl mix on a regular basis. I seriously doubt he'll be satisfied with an occasional winning season.

The trade of Jon Beason, the release of Armanti, etc. The culture of this team has changed.

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