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Yahoo contributor Jonathan Wagner on Nicks.

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With Nicks' talent and past success, it seems likely that somebody other than the Giants will pay him this offseason. He's still young, proven and probably the most talented wide receiver on the market.

The other top free agent wide receivers are Denver’s Eric Decker, Philadelphia’s Jeremy Maclin and Seattle’s Golden Tate. It’s not exactly a star-studded class.

There will be someone out there who thinks Nicks is the best bet of the bunch because there are some who believe Nicks can be the dominant receiver he was in 2010 and '11 if he's in the right situation.

“I think he’s a hell of a football player,” said Redskins defensive coordinator Jim Haslett, who faces Nicks and the Giants twice each season. “He’s big, athletic, obviously fast and strong.

“When he’s healthy, he’s one of the better ones in the league. Obviously he hasn’t been healthy for two years. To me, when he’s healthy, he’s scary. I think his issue is just health.”

Different strokes for different folks. It just goes to show that the perception on Nicks right now is all over the map.


When you use part of someone else's work, it's customary to attribute it to them. I came here to post quotes from this piece byJordan Raanan of nj.com, and discovered that your post was the last part of his article.  






Anyway...Raanan did bring up other points in his piece, "Hakeem Nicks: The NFL's perception of the Giants' free-agent wide receiver", that ultimately lends to Red's belief that someone is going to pay Nicks top dollar:


I asked a handful of personnel executives, scouts and coaches about Nicks at the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Ala., this week. Some appear undeterred by his lackluster season; others are concerned.

One NFL personnel executive told NJ.com that the perception around the league is that Nicks dogged it this past season. He didn't provide full effort in order to protect himself heading into free agency.

That same executive still didn't think it was a deal-breaker in free agency. He believed there remains a realistic chance that there is a team out there that would pay Nicks the sizable contract he's looking for on the free-agent market.

That seems to be one camp. Another appears to be those who believe that Nicks’ lack of production and performance was a result of lingering injuries and the Giants offense's overall ineptitude.





I personally wouldn't pay the guy top dollar if I were a GM, particularly not for any appreciable length of time, but some team may bite.  He may get that $10-12 mil he's looking for, and if he does that means the market is forever screwed. The $8-9 mil range seems more likely, but I don't think that G-man necessary rolls like that.  He's already "poor--mouthing" in reference to Hardy, and FA in general. Would all parties involved agree to a $5-6 mil shorter term deal that is akin to a test try? Perhaps. How bad does Nicks want to play in his hometown? Is a discount the order of the day? Maybe.


Like I alluded to before, never in this world is Nicks signing for Brandon LaFell money. If you believe that then, you also believe in the Tooth Fairy.  GMs are already making excuses for Nicks even before coming to the table. 

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