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  1. Oh yea, absolutely agree. He even gives like 10 minutes of disclaimer saying how it's just off film. That's the problem with rankings, they're easy to take out of context. I'm sure his Herbert film breakdown talked a lot about potential and consistency but that's not taken into a single top 10 ranking. But rankings are easy to criticize and debate. I'm a pretty big fan of QB school and All Things QB. They both have some good content on Darnold also
  2. For a comparison, last years ranking: 1) Tua 2) Burrow 3) Jake Fromm 4) Jordan Love 5) Nate Stanley (Iowa) 6) Anthony Gordon (Wash. St.) 7) Jalen Hurts 8. Justin Herbert 9) Jacob Eason 10) Steven Montez (Colorado) Maybe not the best guy to go to for rankings. Excellent film breakdown though, very educational.
  3. For those looking for a summary: "To me there's enough on tape to say I would go after Sam Darnold if I was in a situation where I was unsure about my quarterback and I don't feel like I can get up to go and get one of these top guys." Pretty much spot on for the Panthers.
  4. Actually the Denver defense looks better yardage wise from playing teams ranked lower on average than the teams the Panthers played. Scoring wise we faced on average similar opponents, and that shows with only an 8 point differential there. Source:
  5. I've never seen the Karate Kid (blasphemous I know) but...
  6. I'll admit I haven't watched any Seahawk games with a watchful eye except our showdown..but isn't that #1 scoring defense number a little 'inflated' so to speak. The Jimmy Claussen lead Bears, Lions, 49ers twice, the Jimmy Claussen lead Ravens, the Matt Cassel lead Cowboys, the Johnny Manziel lead Browns. Beating up on bad qbs in will decrease your points against average. Against good quarterbacks, Rodgers, Dalton, Newton, Palmer, Roethlisberger, your team is 2-4. We played Brees, Wilson, Luck, Rodgers, Ryan, Eli Manning, Romo and were 8-1 in those games.
  7. Well said. I wish this post would go viral like that Tennessee mom's letter. Sums up the situation perfectly.
  8. If we were thinking revenge for Philly then you know it's the same for Green Bay. Once again, I have faith that Ron, TD, Luke, Greg and Cam will gently remind everyone what happened last year. This is the final stop on the revenge tour.
  9. No one said Lee Ward yet? I'm disappointed in you huddle. I'm interested in the following: Lee Ward Oher Brockel One of those is our biggest question mark and the other two can play an integral part in helping said question mark.
  10. Top 5 fullbacks from last season according to Bleacher Report and how the Punisher measures up: 5) James Develin, Patriots: 40 time: 5.02 Height/weight: 6'3" 255 Couldn't find bench press info 4) Kyle Juszcyk, Ravens: 40 time: 4.72 Height/Weight: 6'1" 248 24 reps on the bench press 3) Bruce Miller, 49ers: 40 time: 4.99 Height/Weight: 6'1" 254 35 reps on the bench press 2) Henry Hynoski, Giants: 40 time: 5.06 Height/Weight: 6'1" 260 24 reps on the bench press 1) Anthony Sherman, Chiefs: 40 time: 4.75 Height/Weight: 5'10" 242 32 reps on the bench press Lee 'the Punisher' Ward 40 time
  11. I said it in another topic: All aboard the Lee Ward hype train, the punisher express. We'll be making no stops, and running everything over in our path.
  12. I work with math and models (not the Igo kind, the nerd kind) occasionally at my job. Here are my issues with this article: Uses Pro Football Reference's Approximate Value statistic as a be-all end-all metric. Then immediately from the description of Approximate Value: "AV is not meant to be a be-all end-all metric. Football stat lines just do not come close to capturing all the contributions of a player the way they do in baseball and basketball." Does not account for team depth by choosing relatively random players. The top 4 front seven? Really? Why not the top 7 front seven? Does no
  13. ​Honestly this is the reason I didn't hesitate when it came to going All-Pro. I don't post. I don't contribute. But I spend hours each day reading quality information here that's so good I felt bad about getting it for free. This place is great, and has been my main time sink since I found it years ago. So..Yes..Thank you for what you do, it is greatly appreciated.
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