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  1. I'll be honest, listening to a few minutes of this interview really changed my perspective on Robbie. He seems like a man who's put a lot of work on maturing, getting his priorities in order and trying his best to put his head on straight. Hope he balls out this year.
  2. What I want? One of the top 3 LTs or a trade down. What I think we'll actually get? Malik Willis at 6.
  3. That's fair. I've really only glanced at 2021 tape after the media started talking about him as QB1 and nothing before then. And keep in mind I was responding to someone asking if his ceiling is Teddy Bridgewater. I don't think that's the best comp, he's more willing with the deep ball. He has more of a Derek Carr like ceiling in my mind, but that absolutely does not mean he'll reach his ceiling. Most prospects don't, and I see no reason why Pickett would be any different. I'm not a huge fan of Pickett but wouldn't be upset if he was the choice. I learned my lesson that I know nothing about talent evaluation after I was cursing the front office for drafting CMC. If we do draft a QB this year, I'd prefer Malik Willis.
  4. IMO, yes. I've watched a few Pickett vs (team) clips on youtube but I'm by no means an expert at scouting QBs. Couple things that I remember Goes through progressions well Mechanics are good Not afraid to take deep shots Can vary release/arm angle Great control of the offense To elaborate on the mechanics, a lot of the time he was in sync with his "hitches" and reads. IDK man, I'm not a scout or QB mechanics expert or even good at my day job but that bounce thing where the QB goes through progressions but also lines up his feet and hips to the target? I'm calling that a hitch. First hitch he was looking at the first read with his feet aligned, second hitch looked at the second read with his feet aligned, etc. This is something that Darnold notoriously struggled with last year. He would panic and speed up his hitches. He would be on the second or third read but his feet would be who knows where. I'm slightly concerned with his arm strength if he tries to throw off platform. I thought he ran the ball a little more than I'd like to see at the NFL level. I'd say his ceiling is Carr which isn't a bad thing but my personal preference is boom or bust for QBs. I would not be upset if he was our choice at 6.
  5. And explicitly mentioned hand size as a factor. It may be nothing? It may be a glimmer of hope that Pickett ain't high on McAdoo's list.
  6. McAdoo's thoughts on Baker Mayfield, relevant part bolded and underlined: https://brownswire.usatoday.com/2018/07/15/ben-mcadoos-wacky-qb-rankings-had-baker-mayfield-no-6/ McAdoo's view of that QB class: 1. Josh Allen 2. Lamar Jackson 3. Sam Darnold 4. Josh Rosen 5. Mason Rudolph 6. Baker Mayfield Just food for thought...
  7. For those wanting to know a little more about Pep Hamilton: https://broadwaysportsmedia.com/broadway-battle-pep-hamilton-for-offensive-coordinator/ edits: Article posted is a take from a Titans site and another interesting note
  8. fug it I'll play devil's advocate here. Couple of things I can see making "sense" Out of cap hell in 2022 so 1 year for $18.9 million isn't the worst case scenario Commitment, trust, faith, confidence builder if he worked out and reached his potential you have him cheap while working on long term deal (or franchise tag / sign and trade / etc.) If it doesn't work out, it still shows Carolina as a place not afraid take risks on projects (injury, poor performance or otherwise) which could have an impact on signing future free agents If it doesn't work out, it's easy to move on. He's on the roster next year so there's some stability in the QB room even if he's not the starter and then he's easily cut and no one could blame the Panthers for cutting him given what he showed on the field It may have been part of the trade? IDK I'm grasping at straws here With those points being made, I think it was a poor decision that sucks for next year but it'll easily be history afterwards.
  9. Good point, it's a strain. I have no idea how to change the title or else I would.
  10. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/christian-mccaffreys-hamstring-strain-diagnosed-as-less-than-grade-1-no-exact-timetable-set-for-panthers-rb/ Some much needed good news on the injury front
  11. Oh yea, absolutely agree. He even gives like 10 minutes of disclaimer saying how it's just off film. That's the problem with rankings, they're easy to take out of context. I'm sure his Herbert film breakdown talked a lot about potential and consistency but that's not taken into a single top 10 ranking. But rankings are easy to criticize and debate. I'm a pretty big fan of QB school and All Things QB. They both have some good content on Darnold also
  12. For a comparison, last years ranking: 1) Tua 2) Burrow 3) Jake Fromm 4) Jordan Love 5) Nate Stanley (Iowa) 6) Anthony Gordon (Wash. St.) 7) Jalen Hurts 8. Justin Herbert 9) Jacob Eason 10) Steven Montez (Colorado) Maybe not the best guy to go to for rankings. Excellent film breakdown though, very educational.
  13. For those looking for a summary: "To me there's enough on tape to say I would go after Sam Darnold if I was in a situation where I was unsure about my quarterback and I don't feel like I can get up to go and get one of these top guys." Pretty much spot on for the Panthers.
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