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Jets want Maclin/Sanders

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I didn't think about the Maclin-Mornhinweg connection.  I would think that they would win the Maclin sweepstakes considering that they are high on him as a "quality No. 1 recever." Of course it all hinges upon his surgically repaired knee. I wonder if K.C. and Andy Reid will make a stronger bid.


I know that the Pats were trying to get Emmanuel Sanders last year. I'd rather play for the Pats than the Jets, but who knows? Perhaps if the Jets land Maclin, they will be less likely to target a WR in round 1. 

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    • Best suited for a rotational role
    • We just resigned Cody until 2020-21 and Frank will be on his rookie contract until 19-20. I think we don't need to worry about this at all. The biggest issue we have will be Kemba, but since Kemba and Dwight expire at the same time we will have plenty of money. That Howard trade really helped free up Miles 12m at the right time.  Now, as far as fit is concerned. Zeller just makes everybody look better. He will help out the second unit tremendously. I think he will be a great fit with Monk and Frank in that 2nd unit.  Teams go small, take out Dwight put Zeller in. Marvin not shooting well, but in Frank and team with Dwight or Zeller.  We now have options, something we didn't have last year. 
    • Depends on what the play calling looks like this year. I try to avoid judging individuals on the success of a group, unless it's the HC. If Shula's play calling looks like hot garbage like it has so far and Cam & co. are just making up for it like in 2015, then yes I'll continue to hate him. If the playbook (and situational playcalling) is indeed better then I'll be glad and start warming up to Shula.