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Big A

Try to guess Billionaire Madbraggarts next braggadocio

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So let's review the braggadocio from just the past 3 days

3 days ago - can buy a Toyota Minivan on a whim...lol

2 days ago - has millions in stocks and bonds

1 day ago - just got a $200k signing bonus at new job.

As for my "Toyota Minivan"....that is the car that my wife likes, so that is what she gets. And (for your simple little brain), paying huge dollars for a quickly depreciating asset is one of the dumbest financial decisions that you can ever make. I chose to invest my money...which is why I have several million dollars in stocks, bonds, and funds.

In your dreams rodeo.

I just switched jobs in Sept of last year and got paid a signing bonus of over $200k ......keep trying.

For fun, try to guess the next braggadocio! And look, the guy already admitted he comes from low class beginnings, so don't fault him for not know any better on how tacky that is.

So I'll start, today Donald Trump called him for portfolio advice and rewarded him with a $500k donation. In that conversation he convinced a Trump how horrible the ROI on his private helicopter is, touted resale values of Toyota minivans, and convinced him to scratch the Helicopter and Gulfsteam G5 Jet for a Toyota and a Piper fixed wing.

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Hmmm, the guy born into wealth vs. the guy who claims to have boot strapped his way to wealth...

Ok, I'm gonna go watch some orca documentary on netflix

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