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stirs    6,540

I don't think Jeffcoat will go before the 5th actually.  He is in the same category as Michael Sam.  Too small to play a 43 DE and not athletic enough to play OLB in a 34.  Do not want.  247 lbs


McGill will not make it out of the third.  Had a great combine and everyone is looking for the next tall defender.


James could definitely be an answer at OT

OBJ or Cooks at 28 is fine.

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carolina-chuck    2,761

Say what you want....but the guy has size and owned Clowney.   Guy is going to be a great pro....have you seen him play?  Hog molly, big, nasty, and wants to win.  Absolutely best tackle that's going to be available.  Plus he's a good run blocker.  


Edit.....if his knees get cleared.



And I'm a Gamecock fan......I was scared of that guy.


This. If his knee checks out, Richardson is the only legitimate OT projected to be available at 28 that I would want. Anyone behind him is a reach imo: Moses, Mewhort, etc.


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