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Barry Switzer would 'never recruit a white quarterback'

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“I’ve always said I’d never recruit a white quarterback. The only way I’d ever recruit a white quarterback to play for me is if his mom and daddy would both have to be black, and that’s the only way I would do it. My quarterback is a quarterback-fullback offense – how the wishbone was. I’d have to have a Jamelle Holieway, J.C. Watts and Thomas Lott (former Oklahoma quarterbacks who are all black). Those guys are gonna be my quarterbacks – great runners, great ball carriers and be able to pass. Those guys could throw and run.”




He didn't seem to mean it in any racist way, after all, he's white himself. Watching Peyton Manning getting ramrodded by Seattles' D in the SB with all the weapons he had beg the question, what is the ceiling of a pure pocket passing QB. If Peyton couldn't tame a defense with all his #1 type WRs and TEs, how much better can anyone else do. On the opposite of the field was little Russell Wilson throwing darts and making the defenses look silly. The Seahaws OL is certainly not as stout at the Broncos yet they could barely touch him running circles around them. What if the Seahaws had 4 number 1 type WRs on their roster like the Broncos, how would a defense stop that? How would a defense stop Cam if Carolina had the weapons the Broncos had?


To Switzer's defense the NFC was overly represented in the playoffs the last couple years with very young dual threat QBs. On the other hand the AFC, because of its lack of dual threat QBs, by default was overwhelmingly represented by the traditionals. Which begs the question, were the traditionals better or were they just, well, traditionals. Traditions do change however.


The writer did however got into a defensive posture and tried to make it seem it's slight against black QBs when in reality it's more so the opposite:


In his two years as A&M’s starter, Manziel proved he is an excellent runner and thrower, which throws a wrench into the black vs. white quarterback stereotypes. On top of that, there have been a number of black quarterbacks who have proved to be tremendous pocket passers.

Thanks for letting us know 'there have been a number of black QBs who have proved to be tremendous passer'. We would never have known that. In fact, all the black QBs in the NFL right now are tremendous passers. Switzer is referring to the fact that they can run too. Smash mouth football is on its way back, baby!

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Glad he wasn't black saying this, I could already see where this thread would head.  However the comment was ignorant none the less, white does not automatically equate to un- athletic i.e. The Golden Calf of Bristol and Andrew Luck.

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