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10 Players (only 7 on the roster) are eating 85.3 Million in 2014 cap space

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Yep that leaves 47.7 million for 44 other players lol.


Top 10 cap hits and players in bold obviously no longer on the roster


1. Charles Johnson 16.420 Million

2. Greg Hardy 13.116 Million

3. Jon Beason 8 Million

4. Greg Olsen 7.8 Million

5.  Ryan Kalil 7.283 Million

6. Charles Godfrey 7.1 Million

7. Cam Newton 7.008 Million

8. Steve Smith 7 Million(drops to 5 million June 1st but we have another 4 million in dead money coming next year)

9. Deangleo Williams 6 Million

10. Jordan Gross   5.6 Million 

=85.3 Million

lets take a step further and add the other 8 players counting 2 million or more


11. Jonathan Stewart 4.585

12. Thomas Davis 3.516

13. Tolbert 3.5

14. Luke 3.430

15. James Anderson 2.8

16. Byron Bell 2.187

17. Star           2.18

18. Dwan Edwards 2.018



*** Roman Harper is in this equation too, just don't know this years cap hit yet



That's another 24.216 Million


Bringing our total invested to 109.5 million on 14 active players. (4 of those cap hits are from players no longer on the team)


So now that means we have 23.5 Million left for the next 37 Highest contracts on the team (only top 51 count).


The lowest possible cap hit is 420k.


In all dead money hitting the cap this year is just under 25 million now.


Next year we have 4 Million scheduled to hit (From Smith's release).


I don't want to make anybody kill themselves so i'll wait til later to dive into 2015 and will update the op.


Honestly the dead money trend has to stop. Because trust me when I tell you more dead money will happen next year by cutting Stewart and possibly a couple others.


Only 4 players can be cut and save money(1 million or more) against this years cap while not causing future dead money(non june 1st cuts).


Charles Godfrey -2.1 Million

Greg Olsen        - 2 Million

Mike Tolbert      -1.35 Million

Dwan Edwards - 1.4 million


Of those the only one I could advocate is Godfrey.









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I'm sorry, but Charles Johnson is getting paid waaaaay too much. He's gone next year.

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I can't fathom why Godfrey is still here.


It could be because he hasn't been medically cleared yet. And since he hasn't, if we cut him, he could file a grievance with the NLFPA that we released him because he got hurt (which is a massive problem).

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This is a depressing thread. 


It is but explains why we are sitting tight right now. We can't afford anyone until their asking prices come down. Players right now want as much as they can get, Gettleman is waiting til they will take what they can get because he has to. No more throwing Guaranteed money out there and spreading it across future years and taking a hit if the player doesn't work out.


Hurney threw Guaranteed money around like no tomorrow cuz he was robbing peter to pay paul to try and save his job since he was operating without a contract. I guess he gets the last laugh now.

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lol @ James Anderson still counting against our cap.


What the actual fug is going on.

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Nice work. How does that compare to other rosters?


I don't have time or patience to double check but I think our 24.5 Million commited in dead money leads the league.

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Steve's cap hit as a June 1st is either 5 or 6 million...

Also Godfrey as a June 1st saves 5 million, similar with Olsen.

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Believe Smith's is actually $9m. $3m base + $2m in bonuses for three seasons. That'll be reduced to $5m June 1 though.

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This my friends is why restructures are nothing to rejoice over. It steals cap space from the future to create immediate room. Then it gets really ugly when you have to cut the player and eat the dead money with nothing to show for it.


This is also why Gettleman is not signing players to contracts that are getting chunks of guaranteed money, same principle.

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