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  1. Sam Darnold is playing so poorly that we're all actively considering it should be the takeaway.
  2. If I'm Robbie's agent I make sure he signs a deal knowing Sam is coming in. In particular if he doesn't think they connect very well. Gotta get your money while you can in this league.
  3. The offense is bad because of the poor investments in it by Matt Rhule and Fitterer. They decided to risk it all on Darnold and do nothing to address the oline. CmC got hurt and here we are. Changing coordinators won't yield any major improvement in my opinion.
  4. If the team continues to suck until the end of the season it's probably just best to clean house altogether.
  5. I think if any firing happensto a coordinator it will be because Tepper forces the hand. I haven't been impressed with Brady at all, but what we don't know yet is how much of the team's offensive identity is truly his. It's all speculation. I don't see anyone getting fired this season.
  6. Because it's the area we've put in the largest investments. It's easy to say the offense isn't good because we have a bad OL and a bad QB and CMC is out. If anyone gets fired and that's a big if it will be because the defense doesn't find their early season form. The offense is what it is at this point.
  7. I've always assumed the order of firings (if they were to happen mid-season) would go Snow (due to the investment in D), THEN Rhule, and lastly Brady as that would give them a chance to see how he performs as top dog as a young coach.
  8. I think the problem is we said the same thing last year after the Chiefs game. I'm ready for us to get over the hump and win some of these.
  9. He's already signed and guaranteed. He's here unless Rhule and Co aren't and they will be.
  10. Samboys spent all last week saying smitty was the definitive answer to questions about our play. Now he's not. We've been doing this for years. The truth is we had a great thing when cam was healthy and folks didn't appreciate it in real time. Now they're just looking for anything to latch on to.
  11. Sam has been showing flashes of being a good QB for years. It's on him to put it together.
  12. Because projecting confidence is more important than building confidence.
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