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  1. Let it go. We best the Saints today. We'll likely have plenty of other weeks to pile on this staff.
  2. Coaching staff of misfit toys
  3. I can't justify the GameDay experience expense if this is what we're going to continue to be.
  4. Team should be holding Rhule accountable for the poo he fields everyweek. But hey let's focus on the players instead
  5. Bad coaches and GMs picked these players. Don't expect much.
  6. The complaints about Horn being too handsy were there at the draft and his rookie preseason.
  7. Am I the only one laughing at how hilarious Rhule would look working in sets between Luvu and Shaq. Obviously they're not using the same racks but the imagery is
  8. I'm thinking they will as well. But they'd definitely be smart to not be on the hook paying an injured guy who doesn't get right.
  9. His complain was that he wasn't targeted enough or at least that was the complained put out by his father. He was targeted more as the no 3 receiver on the Rams and had a higher catch rate and 5 more TDs. We can agree that he isn't the guy he was when he was with Manning, but also accept that he had a pretty big turn around when joining the Rams. And a team will certainly pick him up once he's able to pass a physical.
  10. Just not good money to pay him to rehab. The original suggesti9n was the he was cut, wasn't and then moved to why no one signed him, "he won't be able to play until late season."
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