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  1. I think he’s going to struggle a little like most rookies. people will overreact and eventually he’ll come into his own. 20/12 3500 yards
  2. Josh Graham shadow campaign continues lol. someone obviously funding him. Oh well, as long as he has good guest and content.
  3. Followed this up with another Tepper article from Person. Lol
  4. Im ready for some actual football. Tepper really is spending a lot of time in press trying to sell the fans after a pretty terrible start to his tenure here. this is an exciting pick so I’m sure he’s going for a do lever, but I wish he’d fall back a little and just let the product do the talking. Sadly, Looks like he’s gonna be front and center again like he was at the start of the Rhule tenure.
  5. Interesting decision, but I think as fans we should accept that this is kind of how Fitt is on Draft day. at the end of the day, the pick filled a need.
  6. I’m expecting to see a normal preseason load and none of what Rhule was saying about it not being that important.
  7. Bro, people were calling CJ stroud short bus. Let’s be realistic. Levis was always an average prospect with the potential of being a day 2 pick, but folks hyped him up because he looked the part.
  8. You had a fairly sober take. But you know the deal. If you are farting rainbows from now until week 5 the usual suspects will poo you.
  9. Yea, if it's not young or Stroud at 1 I'm done with this or for the foreseeable future. Looks like we could have stayed at 9 if we weren't going for either of those 2 back when the trade was made
  10. Im past the fluff pieces from the Alabama scouting machine at this point. He and the coaching staff need to perform.
  11. Pretty safe bet that either we draft him or the Texans move up to 1 and draft him.
  12. At this point I'd be surprised if Fitt made the right decision at QB. Let's hope I'm wrong and he and Reich got it out of their system with Dalton.
  13. Then why would we care now? I doubt he has anymore say today than he did then.
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