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  1. I'm in the same boat as you. I haven't heard anything definitive yet, but I'm guessing it will depend on the draft.
  2. Read OP again a little slower. He specifically asks what numbers he needs to put up to be considered our franchise QB. The numbers are fair for that question.
  3. Fans want an MVP caliber QB as the franchise QB... And you're mad about it.
  4. If Fields is there at 8 you absolutely take him.
  5. Oh no, another Huddle thread bashing DJ Moore. I can't wait to see the whining when he leaves.
  6. Graham isn't on the same level as Rozier. Monk has to prove he can be starter.
  7. Sam Darnold has not been good since s he's been in the NFL. That's why people don't like this Trade.
  8. Makes sense. These guys are reaching their athletic primes and they're established players.
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