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  1. Are people already hedging about a loss to the Jets after months of talking about how they are a hapless team, devoid of talent, and direction.
  2. We should beat the jets. I'd honestly be surprised if we lose. I doubt it will mean much either way as I don't expect Brady and Co to hinge or success completely on Darnold in week 1. No matter what, there will be hot takes galore from the media.
  3. The patriots value hard work over everything else. That's why a guy like cam Newton surprised a lot of folks when he earned praise and a second contract from the organization. Marsh is a JAG. Not sure how this is relevant to panthers football other than Mr. Scot losing his schtick to the new guy.
  4. No. We just need to hit on our pick.
  5. Not sure why anyone is rooting against the backup attempting to improve or even worse go somewhere else and succeed.
  6. Mitch didn't play under mack brown. Different system.
  7. Darnold brigade already in here shitting on the backups.
  8. He's just practicing with his brother to get his name out for a euro deal. Nothing to see here.
  9. We let go of a very good veteran backup in the off-season.
  10. How would you rank him compared to his contemporary dual threat backs in Kamara and Cook?
  11. Going into the season I'm most interested in seeing if the defense can consistently apply more pressure and get teams involved off the field on third down. Less third and shorts would be nice too.
  12. I've been a panthers since the beginning. But we're here to discuss football. The hand ringing anytime someone says anything not 100% positive about Darnold gets you all riled up. And really only Darnold. Not with guys like Tre Boston before we let him go or Jackson, or Erving, or little, or Slye, or Thomas. It's the off-season. We're going to talk about the good, the bad, the mundane and the ugly about a variety of aspects of the team. Best consistent and toughenup or this site will eat you up.
  13. Saw him about 10 years ago. Definitely gotta get here for one last go around.
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