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  1. Fitterer would have traded burns then gave up those three picks for Bryce and we’d still be right here
  2. This team is already a mess. I hope this is t a Fields scenario all over again.
  3. The forum goes as the team goes. If we're playing well it's positive. When we're not it's negative. I've never understood the desire by some folks to tone police everything. It's a message board after all. If everyone were just wait and see we really wouldn't be talking about anything at all.
  4. If Luvu, chinn, brown, and burns all have great seasons then we can pick and choose who we’d like to trade. sadly, I I’m afraid to give Fitt more draft picks before he might just throw them away.
  5. No passing game. No running game. Reich ain't it.
  6. He can't make Bryce taller, more athletic and have a lil snap on his poo.
  7. I dunno, huddlers pood me to hell last week for saying he doesn't have a live arm. Lol
  8. Games just looking too big for him right now. People just want a flash of something elite from the no 1 overall pick.
  9. Damn, we're already getting boos here in the stadium. Sigh...
  10. He's got to throw that away and not take p9ints off the board.
  11. I was told we went with Reich because we didn't want a boring offense that would come with a guy like Wilkes....
  12. Seems like some folks are okay being just as bad as we were last season.
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