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  1. He's unquestionably an upgrade over what we have now. If he becomes available via CA we'd be crazy not to look at it.
  2. Outside of injury I don't see a scenario where Sam isn't the starter.
  3. Another year, another offseason of panthers attempting to crown a QB before they ever take a snap. Just let it play out.
  4. We said the same thing about Sam last year and then they picked up his 5th. Panthers probably sign baker and extend him if history is the marker.
  5. He tweets all the time about go knows what like most people on that app. I don't know why folks even take the energy to look it up or follow it.
  6. RA is fine and he's just the huddle flavor of the month. Y'all did the same thing with DJ a couple years ago.
  7. I said, nothing but folks were upset over that. If he didn't feel comfortable being honest he could have got through the statement without telling a big lie. The alternative is he actually believed Sam is Very good and that's scary.
  8. You quoted me. Now you're trying to convince yourselves why such a stupid comment is 4d chess.
  9. I'm worked up by the idiocy on display by you and wow. Tepper should have just said, I'll let the football guys answer this. Or we would obviously like to see more from Sam. Or I'd love to see the Sam from weeks 1-3 for an entire season. Or hopefully our off season moves help to improve our QB play. Or we're trying to win. Sam's on our roster and he wants to win too. Anything, almost anything is better than, " Sam's a very good QB." Especially at a time where the fans don't think you have a clue about running a football team. If there was ever a time to read the room...
  10. Just like everyone knows the 49ers and the Browns are moving on from Jimmy G and Baker everyone knows we are moving on from Sam. Any team desperate for a QB would always take Baker (same cap hit/salary) over Sam or Jimmy G (He's going to cost even less). What team is looking to add Sam Darnold to their Roster right now?
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