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Which former Free agents do you wish we would have signed if we didnt franchise Hardy?

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Assuming we had to give them the same contract they received from another team and we were their team of choice.


This isn't a bash the Hardy Franchise tag thread but more of a what have we missed out on thread?


Please list the contract terms of whoever you list. Pie for the best answers.


Here's my list and upon further review we could have nearly done this anyway!!...


1.Eugene Monroe 5 yrs 37.5 Million, 17.5 guaranteed (first  2 years salary fully guaranteed + 11 million signing bonus


14 cap hit -3.2 Million (1 million base salary +2.2 million prorated signing bonus)

15            -7.7  Million  (5.5 base + 2.2 prorated signing bonus )

16              8.7 Million   (6.5 base  +2.2 prorated signing bonus)

17             8.95 Million (6.75 base + 2.2 prorated signing bonus)

18             8.95 Million (6.75 base + 2.2 prorated signing bonus)


2. James Jones 3 yrs/ 10 Million,  3.65 Guaranteed


14 cap hit 3.8 Million (only 500k guaranteed past 1st year0

15             3.1 Million

16             3.1 Million


For Bonus points I would have kept Steve Smith and not picked up Roman Harper


But back to reality... I don't know a single offensive tackle out there worth a poo but 2 receivers remain. Cotchery and Lance Moore, I'll take either or both pending the price please.




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If we go long-teem with Hardy it's worth it. If not, this was a severe miscalculation.

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I'd have liked to keep Mitchell. I think he offered a lot to the defense in terms of being a leader and a guy who set the tone for the team. Replacing that will be hard.

We could've signed someone to be a stop gap to replace the pass rush gained from Hardy.

Then, of course, a receiver. Not sure who.

Anthony Collins as well.

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With what he's gonna get paid if he stays here, we could have signed anybody.  With what he wants to get paid, we could have signed everybody.

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