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Sam Mills Fan

DeSean Jackson just posted a pic of him and Cam on Instagram

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mcdougal    1,000

Jets just release Sanchez just now. They will be paying him a lot money this year for not playing with them. How would they be able to afford Jax now? Oh wait we are the only ones in the NFL working with a cap while everyone else get all kinds of money. lol


I have been saying the same thing. That damn Goodell only enforces a salary cap on poor Jerry Richardson.

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TylerVagyler    1,292

I said it in another thread....if Gettleman wanted him here he could make the contract work. Jackson has basically no guaranteed money in his deal. We could restructure his deal by turning majority of his cap hit this year into a signing bonus. The next 2 seasons would be about 10-11 mil per with little guaranteed. If we are going to get a #1 WR that's the price we'll have to pay eventually anyways.

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Leo    9

Nonsense, nobody wants to play with Gettleman as our GM!

No disrespect but our beloved gm has signed about 5 or 6 over the hill players in free agency . But that happen quietly last year and it turned out great ......

As far as Jackson ... Sick ... But none of it makes sense ... The trade value is fair his contract is alittle above then we like maybe 6.5 7 mill per :year is legit .. I mean if him and cam are boys and makes cam stay and gives cam creditability as leader in the locker room then I say .. Resign hardy ( get that cap number from 13 to like 6 or 7 for this year ) then trade a 3rd or 4th for d-jaxs and ride out...

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Jackofalltrades    9,374

Bill Voth (@billvoth)

3/21/14, 19:16

Desean? Same as Samuel, Phil or Tito.

RT @Joat1977: @billvoth So what % would you give a chance of Jackson landing with Carolina?

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