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Bobcats v. Nets

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Oh we could do this all day. Maybe if you guys played like we do, or the Pistons of old, you'd get farther than the 8th or 7th spot in the Playoffs once every few years. I'm not shocked at all you won. You were at home. You should have.

And no, while Big Al is elite, Johnson and Williams are just as good. The black and white is fresh, crisp, and appeasing to the eyes. Nothing else like it in the league unless you add silver and get the Spurs, lol.

But go ahead with a rebuttle. I won't follow up. No point. You'll lose in the first round and we'll win. Yawn. Same old same, man.

Williams- 14 ppg, 2 rpg, 6 apg

Johnson- 16 ppg, 3rpg, 3 apg

Walker- 18 ppg, 4 rpg, 6 apg

Jefferson- 22 ppg, 11 rpg, 2 apg

Neither of those guys are even better than Kemba, much less the monster that is Big Al.

In 2 years Charlotte will be a top team in the east with a stud C, great young core, & very good coach.

In 2 years Brooklyn will be bottom feeders over paying for old ass Williams & Johnson with a shitty coach.

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Great game tonight, this team seems to be gelling at just the right time.  I'm excited about this team making the playoffs, especially for guys like Kemba who suffered through some tough seasons.  


Really wish we had Jeff Taylor's outside shooting but we have a great opportunity to be even better next year with JT back, a few rookies and a decent free agent signing.

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