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Ray Rice: Beat Her, Choke Her, Knock Her Out... Marry Her

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I don't normally have many issues with what people type on this message board, but I take major offense to this type of thinking.

There is no reason, ever, to lay your hand on a woman unless she is trying to kill you. Ever.

Stop thinking that hitting a woman is "real life". It's shameful, and I can't even start to imagine how anyone could think otherwise.

If it comes out that he didn't hit her, I will gladly recant my statement, but I bet you a dollar to a broken jar of goat piss that he did.

He is a piece of poo.

Like Chris Rock said, there is a reason to hit anybody, you just don't do it. Hitting a woman is something that isn't acceptable in society and it's not something I support. You should never strike a woman, you're right and I believe that. Look I believe Ray Rice should face the consequence for his actions and I believe that he will.

With that being said, there is a major difference in a man beating on his defenseless wife because he hates his job or has a drinking problem, and a man striking a woman because he was provoked.

Reports are that she spit on him, now he shouldn't have hit her, but you can't go around spitting on people either. You add alcohol into that mix and you're asking for a situation like what transpired.

It's easy to sit and say you would never hit a woman, but it's even harder to ask yourself what would it take for you to hit a woman? Every man on this forum, no matter if they will admit it or not has a certain limit before that happens. Again I'm not saying what Rice did is right, it's wrong. Again it's WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. But women know buttons and they push them.

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This thread....please go away already.  You're like that uncle who is funny for the first couple of hours at a family reunion but then you get tired of hearing how he can throw a football a quarter-mile. I name this thread...Uncle Rico.

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