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Mary Wilson becomes controlling owner of Bills

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It will be interesting to see the potential ramifications. Having it in a trust may mean it has to be sold to the highest bidder... This may mean Mary can sell it to whomever she wants.



Which is great news, because that means she is not obligated to choose the highest bidder. If Jon Bon Jovi (for example), who would move the team, bids $900 MIL and Jeremy Jacobs (again, for example), who would keep the team here, bids $895 MIL, a trust would have no choice but to choose the $900 MIL. Mary Wilson, on the other hand, could choose the lower bid.



It may mean the Bills stay in Buffalo. Good Lord, I hope so!


It also shows what could become of the Panthers' ownership once JR passes. After all, Rosalind is the one staying awake during the games lol.

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I don't care what happens to them honestly. They've been so bad for so long I doubt many people would even notice if the up and left.

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