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In Topic: Greg Olsen on Mac Attack @ 7:30

Today, 10:46 PM

one of my favorite NFL war stories was from a Cowboy, so brace yourself..

Darren Woodsen forgot something after practice one day and had to drive back to the practice field opened his locker and grabbed whatever he forgot. there was a big glass window looking out over the practice field from inside the building- he saw a single player out on the field running by himself. he walked up to the window and saw it was Michael Irvin running wind sprints. Woodsen sat there at the window and watch Irvin run for a long time- stop and puke his guts out- then went back to running for another good while.

There are some players that check in and check out and do the necessary stuff to get by. Then there are the Stars who do whatever it takes. Sounds to me like KB is making sure he isn't in the 1st category

To be fair, Irvin was probably wired out of his mind on blow.

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In Topic: USA Today: Five reasons to believe in the Carolina Panthers

Today, 01:09 PM

I would love to see what are offense could be with a more innovative mind calling the plays

It might look a lot like 2011 and 2012.

In Topic: Are we Super Bowl contenders this year?

Today, 11:04 AM

We will:
1.) Have our first back to back winning seasons
B.) become the first NFCS team to win the division in consecutive seasons since conference realignment
III.) win a playoff game

Sorry, but you'll have to wait until 2015/16 for a Super Bowl celebration. I think we have one more offseason to go before we're at that level.

In Topic: Panthers cut LB Billy Boyko

Yesterday, 08:39 PM

We are getting Ric Flair back from SF.

In Topic: @riverboatronHC....R.R. gets on board

21 July 2014 - 10:39 AM

He's going to be posting tons of stoic Instagram selfies.

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