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Just Luke and Fitzgerald hanging out

08 April 2015 - 08:43 PM

At the Hornets game. Crowd erupted into a "LUUUUUUKE."
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Wonder what they could be chatting about.....

Dick's Sporting Goods: Panthers #3 in jersey sales

30 December 2014 - 10:21 AM



On the season behind only the Broncos and Seahawks. Kuechly is the top defensive player and #5 overall. Cam's #10 in offense.


Not bad for a "small market" team with a losing record, huh?

Could our fans kill Cam's re-sign?

27 October 2014 - 12:18 PM

For better or worse Cam seems to shoulder more burden on a PR level for our losses than your average QB. On paper we already have the disadvantage of being considered "small market" and for his career the league consensus has been that the team's never had many weapons. We have enough threads arguing over whether the criticism is justified or not, I'm concerned with how Cam internalizes it.


When decision time comes are our fans and local media a pro or con for Newton?

Madden 15 "We Don't Suck This Year" Edition

01 September 2014 - 03:07 PM

I figure a lot of people here have to be playing with the Panthers and Madden strategy is hard to find without paying for it these days, so here's a thread for us to talk tactics. Here are my thoughts:



Luke and Cam are practically unofficial cover boys in this, and the defense is monsterous. Keek especially can be all over the field making sacks, interceptions, stopping the run, etc. He's so effective as a one man show that I just let him do his thing and not control him. Star is pretty beastly too, and I end up ususally controlling him on D and trying to get to the QB.


I switch the playbook to a 46. I'm curious if anyone else does the same or prefers the default. To me it brings out the best of the team since the secondary blows regardless.



Cam's a gamer's QB. His throw on the run is kinda ridiculous. It's about the same as his regular toss. Against bad d-lines he's good to pick up 5 yards on a scramble. Either I don't have the technique for goaline sneaks down or they've really limited him there though, because I can never get him to jump over the line and he acts stuck in the mud if there's bodies in front of him at all.


The running game is punishing. DWill destroys on the ground (may even be a bit overpowered to be honest) and Tolbert is great for short yardage. When playing the computer I have the RBs set to auto-sub frequently. I don't know if this is possible online or if it even factors in energy .If you're patient with the Panthers you can ground and pound your way to victory against just about anyone.


No idea what to do with the recievers. Olsen's hands are great and I like catching a running back in the middle. Screens to Dwill can be highly effective too.


tl;dr- run the ball and let the defense be great