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In Topic: Charles casserly on cam newton

Today, 10:46 AM

Why is our fanbase so insecure about Cam that we have to seek validation from people in the media? I don't care what this guy thinks about Cam.. He's our quarterback, and he's our franchise

It gets annoying that People in the media take every chance they get to take a shot at our qb and One of my favourite players when they are clearly talking out of their ass...

It does not have anything to do with Being insecure, but we Want our favourite qb and the face of our franchise to get credit where its due Like other good Young qb's Like Wilson and luck

In Topic: Orr predicts 5 new playoff teams

Today, 07:33 AM

Somehow the saints are always predicted to win the division. I doubt they Will win more than 7 games this year. Brees showed Signs of regression last year and that Will probably continue into this season.

But to answer your question i Think it is because of the amount of bold and splash moves they have made, even though most of Them are dumb.

In Topic: Which round do we trade up?

30 March 2015 - 11:45 PM

with everything we've heard about the lack of elite talent in the draft, it would be Nice to Trade into the top 15 and get One of the blue chip prospects Like trae waynes or randy gregory

In Topic: Bold Prediction thread..

30 March 2015 - 11:42 PM

We have a 1500 yard rusher (not Cam).

KB gets 15+ TDs.

Corey Brown gets 500+ yards.

Norman, Tre and Bene combine for 20 interceptions.

Our offense finishes with the least amount of turnovers in the league.

TD makes his first pro-bowl in a dominating season.

Ealy gets 8+ sacks.

KK gets 10 sacks.

Our first round pick is voted OROY or DROY.

Olsen doesn't hit 800 yards, but Dickson gets 500+.

Rivera goes 100% on challenges.

Our special teams ends up in the top 5 overall.

Our defense and offense are both ranked top 10 in scoring.

One of our comp picks ends up being voted to the all-rookie team.


Beat Seattle by more than 14.

Hold Luck to 0 touchdowns and pick him off at least 2 times.

Score at least 56 in a game.

Get 4 shutouts.

Cam throws for 4500 and 40 TDs.

We have two 1000 yards WIDE RECEIVERS.

No Huddler complains about Shula even once in any game.

I am able to go to every home game.

Jacksonville is our only loss.

No team scores more than 17 on us.

How can we lose to jax and still go 19-0?

In Topic: If it came down to Peat or Perriman....

29 March 2015 - 07:02 PM

Cedric won't be there in the 2nd.

If Gman has balls like I do, he'd take Cedric at 25.

Especially with now having Oher and Martin, Cedric won't have to be rush into playing this season.


No thank you to Cedric in the 1st. Gettleman is always preaching to take instant impact players in the early rounds.

And look at what has happened to the 49'ers. Loaded roster, but spent waaaay to many resources into guys who could end up paying dividens down the road, but eventually ended up failing and now they are probably ending last in their division.