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I'd rather have a dollar than three dimes

02 May 2015 - 01:42 PM

Dave Gettleman uttered these words during his first draft with the Carolina Panthers and i think you can truly  see the meaning behind those words now.

Gettleman has added an unbelievable amount of young talent during his first two drafts here in Carolina. This has now put the Panthers in a decision where they can trade up if they see a player that they like and boy have they done that. I am excited to see the next two picks and boy am i excited for the season. Keep pounding

It is great how

18 January 2015 - 06:46 PM

Seattle has completely disowned the saying that you need a great QB to win. They have a great team, who kept together all game, despite of their offense falling apart repeatedly and in the end they capitalized on Green Bay who refused to put the game away. Wilson made some good plays to win the game in the end, but played an absolutely terrible game all in all, so please stop talking about how he should be in the hall of fame, when reality the entire Seattle team should go down in history as one of the most well put together.

Panthers Cap situation going forward

11 January 2015 - 04:10 PM

I have just taken a look at the numbers for the following year and to my big surprise they are VERY promising. Gettleman has done a fine job of getting us out of bad contracts.

According to http://overthecap.com/salary-cap-space We will have a bit over 15 million in Cap space counting our rollover from last season. And this is before making any moves what so ever.


What makes this even better is that we already have 45 players commited towards the cap! That means that with the addition of the 2015 draft class we will already have filled out our roster.


If i were Gettleman i would make the following moves

Melvin White (saves 585,500)

Amini Silatolu (saves 1,063,242)
Robert Lester (saves 585,500)
Deangelo Williams JUNE 1ST (Saves 2,000,000)

Ryan Kalil - Convert 4,000,000 base salary to signing bonus over the last three years of his deal (saves 4,000,000)
Thomas Davis (This could be a pay cut as well) - Convert 2,000,000 Base salary to signing bonus over the last three years of his deal (saves 2,000,000)


Greg Olsen - Sign Greg Olsen to at 5 year - 35,000,000 Contract. 12 guaranteed. With a 7,000,000 cap hit every year (saves 800,000)
Charles Johnson - Sign Charles Johnson to a 5 year - 55,000,000 contract with 20 guaranteed. Lower his Cap hit to 17,000,000 this year (saves 3,000,000)

This will leave us with just under 28.5 million in cap space with only 12 roster spots to fill. This should give us a lot of wiggle room to extend Cam or even be a player in free agency for the first time in many many years.

TLDR Version; With a few moves we will have a pooload of cap space next year. #Gettlemagic

Fewest yards allowed

03 January 2015 - 07:52 PM


Playing for the draw

12 October 2014 - 03:53 PM

Why would we not go for it on 4th and 1 with 2 minutes to go in OT. Our D cant stop a nosebleed and we were moving the ball well. We wont get the ball back and they have a shot at winning now. Come on Ron, that was just a stupid decision.