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13 April 2013 - 06:09 PM

And the moment no ones been waiting for, my Mock Draft. This seems to be a so-so draft IMO no one prospect is miles ahead of the rest. The top 10 picks are anyone's guess and so is most of the draft. Obviously the number one option for pretty much every single armchair GM is to trade back. Unlikely in the first but a team might be willing to trade a early 3rd and 4th for our second. There is good value at need positions for those draft positions so that's just what I did.

Rd 1 Pick 14
Xavier Rhodes CB FSU
I have had my eye on Rhodes since he toyed with the idea of declaring last year. The guy is on his man like white on rice in press man coverage. Is IMO the best press man corner in the draft and its not close. Not as good in off man or zone but is experienced in those areas. He's a big 6'1" Corner that can be lined up 1 on 1 with the Julio Jones' of the NFCS and we are lacking in that area minus Gamble. He also uses that sizes well in run support.

Trade 2nd for a 3rd and 4th
(Trade) Rd 3
Brandon Williams DT Missouri Southern
Williams is the kind of guy you can build your D around. Hess got the size (6'1" 335), the strength (38 reps), and the motor (like goes full bore all game long and the stamina to do it) to be a force inside for the next decade. He was a beast at Missouri Southern racking up 49.5 tfl and 25.5 sacks over the last 3 years (2010 having only started the last 7 games he racked up 17 TfL and 9 sacks that's good DE type numbers). His size and strength to plug up running lanes and his ability to penetrate the pocket and make plays in the backfield could be just what the doctor ordered for an interior defensive line that has been lacking since the Jenkins debacle. His biggest knock is lack of competition and for our scheme he should lose 15-lbs to gain some quickness. He also could use some coaching to improve his hand technique as he relied on strength and pure athleticism in college.

(Trade) Rd 4
Joseph Fauria TE UCLA
Meet a 6'7" 260 lbs TE with 33.75" arms and a 35.5" vertical. For those lacking in the math dept that is a catch radius of almost 12 and a half feet (holy s&!*) making him a receiver that even Cam would have a hard time overthrowing. He will climb the ladder to go get a ball too. Not to mention huge almost 11" hands ( I love big hands on receivers). Could be why he was a TD machine (12 this year) at UCLA. He is a matchup nightmare for the D in the redzone. Not a speed demon 4.71 40 at his pro day but more then makes up for it in catch radius. Would make a lot of sense for the Patriots to draft him in the third for insurance in case Gronk goes out again because there offense suffers without him so he might not even be there. Speaking of Gronk they are remarkably similar athletes (6'6" 260, 4.68 40, 34.25" arms, 33.5" vert, and 10.75" hands for Gronk) and even there best college years are similar (Gronks 672 yds 10 tds 14.3ypc to Faurias 637yds 12tds 13.8ypc). Gronk is the better athlete but Fauria is better in the red zone and has better hands. If he is there this is a no brainier for a team that is really lacking in the red zone and short yardage receiving department.

Rd 4
Ried Fragel OT Ohio State
6'8" 308lbs Ried came out of nowhere to play remarkably well at the starting RT position this year having never played there before. Is he raw, you betcha, the last time there was a offseason he was listed as a TE. He steadily improved as the year went on and think he has lots of unrealized potential. As a former TE he is a helluva good athlete. He needs some time to develop but he could be an excellent long term tackle that could take over when we lose Gross and could, if he puts on some more mass, potentially take over at RT in the immediate future. I love former TE tackles, ever heard of Joe Staley or Nate Solider?

Rd 5
Hugh Thorton OG Illinois
Thornton was as solid as Russian concrete at LET at Illinois but at 6'3" he is most likely destined for G in the NFL. With his mean streak I actually think he's better suited there anyway. Because of this its hard to anticipate where he will be drafted. I've seen him projected as high as 4th and as low as 6th because of his height but is a good enough athlete to stick at right tackle but I think he is better suited at guard. Immediate competition to the whole right side of the offensive line.

Rd 6
Marcus Davis WR Virginia Tech
Davis weighs in at 6'3" 233 with 32.75" arms and 39.5" vert for a catch radius of 12'3". And you guessed it big hands (10.25"). As you can probably tell I think the biggest need on offense other than offensive line is the lack of a big bodied receiver to catch those short and immediate passes to take pressure off Cam and make defenses respect the threat of pass on those short downs to make running the ball easier. Davis' was not as productive in the red zone as Affair but he is a better athlete with good tape speed ( deceptive because he's a long strider). He has lapses in concentration which is why an athlete of his caliber is projected to go this late. That and he is pretty much useless as a blocker( to the point they benched him for it). All those things can be fixed with coaching, size and athleticism can not but he's definitely a developmental prospect. I think it's time to move on from the Gettis experiment.