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Section 540

02 February 2015 - 11:44 PM

My dad and I recently purchased PSLs for a few seats in this section (row 26, seats 17-20).


I wanted to hear from anyone else in or around this section about the quality of fans and the experience. Usually we have purchased tickets on a game by game basis and sit in the corners or end-zones (always upper level). Primarily, we don't want to be somewhere that is always filled with opposing fans. 


Can anyone shed some light on what kind of experience we can expect in section 540?



See you next season and here's to a quick and productive Panthers' off-season!




Also, save all of the "it's BOA, every section is filled with opposing fans comments" for another thread. Thank you kindly!

When your identity doesn't match your ability.

28 September 2014 - 04:52 PM

We are supposed to be a run first team.

Obviously this is not who we are when Cam is injured and cannot run.


Is it time for us to focus on the passing game? Instead of running the ball up the middle for 1-2 yards, why not try a quick pass or screen as substitute?


I hate to say it because I do enjoy those physical games where the running backs take over, but we don't have those players at running back or O-line. So I say we move to an offence that works through the air. Roll Cam away from pressure (because our O-line sucks too much to expect a traditional pocket), and let Cam work the field. He has shown that he can move the ball through the air. We are just getting killed by drive-stopping runs for zero to little gain.


I no longer expect our running backs to break one for a touchdown on any play; I haven't felt that way since 2011. At this point, I have more hope that Benjamin, Cotchery, Avant, Bersin, Philly, or Olsen will make a nice reception with some YAC.


We do not have a physical offence. Our second TE gets almost no significant time. We cannot run the ball with authority (anything more than a three yard rush is a welcome surprise for us now). Why not switch to a more finesse offence? Let Williams and Stewart work against a D that respects the pass, thus opening up lanes for them instead of forcing them to make things happen. Williams has always been a threat in the screen game, and Stew is great with the read option (which NEEDS to come back as something to at least get Cam involved in the running game).



Basically, why not run a spread offence which Cam seems to be better suited for?

Godfrey not at fault in Bucs' first touchdown.

08 September 2014 - 08:49 AM

There are too many threads bashing Godfrey for me to put this in all of them, so I figured I would just post it separately. 





"[C]ornerback Melvin White was supposed to make contact with receiver Chris Owusu. Instead, Owusu had a free path down the sideline after White allowed him to have a free released."



While Godfrey is not the best at coverage. I believe it is unfair to give him so much crap for a play in which Melvin White was at the very least equally at fault.