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In Topic: locker room closed...players emotional.

13 January 2014 - 01:26 PM

Joe Person ‏@josephperson 2m
Cam blamed himself for the failed QB sneak on 4th-and-1. Said he told coaches to call his number, thought he could make it.

can we get a screen cap of this play... i remember seeing the ball being on the line or over it at some point during the play and have not seen a good replay of it yet!  still think its possible that we got a TD there

In Topic: What the Huddle WANTS this Offseason (Photoshop Edition)

13 January 2014 - 01:08 PM

do one based on the desperate need for offensive linemen

In Topic: What the Huddle WANTS this Offseason (Photoshop Edition)

13 January 2014 - 01:08 PM

nice job

In Topic: Something upsetting about next season...no running game

13 January 2014 - 01:02 PM

I'm assuming you guys watch a lot of football?  Which RB's in the NFL do a good job with no holes and being hit consistently in the backfield?   Deangelo is a pro bowler with a decent O line which he hasn't had in two - three years!


In Topic: Why We Lost

13 January 2014 - 12:54 PM

Why we lost in order of relevance


1) Not as much talent on the offensive side of the ball..... Cam is still a great QB and will continue to get better, imo he is the second best young QB behind luck.  He made good decisions yesterday and that game is not on him.   Our offensive line is not that good and that is the main reason.  Our OL could not open anything for the run game.  Our OL could not get us in the endzone on the 1 yard line 4 times!  Also, secondly to add to this point, our WR core is just plan bad.  All of our starters would be second stringers on other teams with the exception of Smith who was injured the second half.


2) Officiating.  Lets call a spade a spade.  I'm not looking for excuses.. the officiating was bad, one sided, and totally took our focus off the goal at hand.  Just a few major calls to consider.  First, the no call on the interference to LeFell on the interception and the no call to the holding on Olsen on the same play!  With both of those fouls there was no way we had a chance on that play which ultimately ended in an interception on what was looking like a decent drive.  Second, the blatant over looking of personal fouls on the part of the niners.  Two that come to mind are the head butt by Boldin and the driving Cam to the ground and added head butt and taunting on the ground!  Inexcusable!  Also, the three major blunders by the refs and review people on the Davis TD drive!   1) already stated Boldin head butt, 2) Pass interference that was not a pass interference, he didn't look to play the ball but he didn't touch the reciever, 3) The TD was not a TD... his feet were in  but not with possession.  It was the call on the field and therefor should have been our benefit of the doubt, there was no conclusive evidence to show that that ball was not moving in his hands when he was out of bounds.  No doubt there many others but those are the ones that hurt.


3) Mikell going down!  Our DB's were doing decent until then.  Lester was used and abused! 


4) Smith being injured in second half!  Couldn't get open or even run routes at full speed.  Big time effort though, but no help to Cam with an injured player on the field


5) The Personal Foul on that drive on the 30 with 3 minutes to go and 4th down!  WOW!!!!   Still think it was a bad call though cause he didn't come close to making contact... but you have got to calm yourself...we still had a chance there.


6) The Final interception.  It clearly looks like Olsen was supposed to go in and went out.  All he had to do was turn left instead of right and it was a catch!


Thats it in a nutshell!


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